Pierre Jourdan Brut nv & the new team at the Haute Cabrière Restaurant – 21.12.2016

Pierre Jourdan Brut nv

The time for bubbly – apart from all the time – is Christmas New Year and the happy holidays.  I know that Takuan von Arnim, the Cellarmaster at Haute Cabrière Wines, would be happy if we all drink more bubbles than we normally do!

Takuan at the Haute Cabrière Gym

Takuan’s father was one of the early pioneers of Cap Classique, the South African name for wine produced in the classical Champagne method with a second fermentation in the bottle.

In the tradition of the great French houses, the still wines are named for the Estate and the sparkling wines after the name of the founder. Hence the Cap Classiques from Haute Cabrière are named Pierre Jourdan who was granted the land in 1694.

Chardonnay ripening on the vine

Takuan says of the Pierre Jourdan Brut, “I chose to go for a predominantly Chardonnay blend, as I love the freshness it brings. Then by adding a small portion of Pinot Noir, we achieve the richness and classical length of flavour that we von Arnims love so much.  After blending the wine undergoes the traditional second fermentation where it spends time on the lees to form the lovely fresh mousse.”

Pinot Noir arriving at the cellar

It looks like
A bottle we have got used to, one of the earliest of its type on the market.  Packaged in a classical Champagne bottle with gold foiling. In the glass a pale lemon straw colour with the finest of bubbles rushing to the surface.

It smells like
Berries and citrus. Almond brioche.

It tastes like
Fresh crisp bubbles, thick skinned lemons, and the berries from the Pinot Noir adding to the fullness of the flavours. Elegant refreshing and long ending.

Takuan von Arnim

[centre] with Nic van Wyk & Wesley Muller

Its good with
Perfect as a mid-morning refresher. I always remember Takuan’s father saying this wine was ‘oyster dry’. It is perfect with oysters and will go so well with the side of smoked salmon you will be slicing very thinly to serve on Christmas Day.

Haute Cabrière Restaurant

If you are in the Cape, the Haute Cabrière Restaurant is, as they say in the Michelin Guide, ‘well worth a visit’ Award winning TV Chef Nic van Wyk and his business partner Wesley Muller are now well ensconced as the team running the restaurant. I have eaten their amazing food and there you will find a true marriage of wine and food.

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