Peter Falke PF Pinot Noir 2015 & Anina Meyer’s Lemon, Cinnamon & Rosemary Roast Chicken – 16.11.2016

 pinot-noir-2014-be-released-november-2015Peter Falke PF Pinot Noir 2015

Pinot Noir is one of the world’s great red wine grapes, a noble grape which finds its home in Burgundy, where it produces some of the truly sublime wines of the world.  In Champagne, when blended with Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, it makes class act wines.

In South Africa, for me, it makes very different wines.  Fresh, fruitful and rounded.

Pinot Noir Nicky WallacePinot Noir ripening on the vine

The story of Peter Falke PF Pinot Noir 2015 begins in the vineyard where at harvesting time careful bunch selection takes place in the vineyard where bunches that are sunburned or rotten are dropped.  Once in the cellar the bunches are sorted again and what they amusingly call MOG

[material other than grapes] is removed, leaves, stalks, rotten berries etc.

Whole berry fermentation took place in open top fermenters.  The soft tannin structure is obtained by pumping the fermenting juice over the cap of skins and punching the skins down under the juice. Fermentation lasted 15 days during which time malolactic fermentation also took place before the wine was taken to French oak barrels to mature for 14 months. The wine is then prepared for bottling.

BARREL CELLAR copyThe Peter Falke Wine Barrel Cellar

It looks like
Bottled in a Bordeaux shaped bottle interestingly, subdued elegant livery.  In the glass a translucent cherry red which pales out to light garnet at the rim.

It smells like
Cherries, red and black.  Aromas of autumn rain leaves and mushrooms.

It tastes like
I really like the raspberry acidity in this wine.  Sliced bright fruited strawberries.  Oak in undertow.  Well interwoven tannins in the lingering aftertaste.

lemon-cinnamon-rosemary-roast-chickenAnina Meyer’s Lemon, Cinnamon & Rosemary Roast Chicken

It’s good with
Pinot Noir is traditionally used in Coq au Vin, and Boeuf Bourguignon.  It goes well with a buttery roasted stuffed organic chicken. Anina Meyer’s Lemon, Cinnamon & Rosemary Roast Chicken is the answer.  Click here for her recipe.

aninaAnina Meyer

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