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The Perdeberg Winery

Perdeberg Winery holds a large chest of treasures. An established winery since the late 1940s, Perdeberg is situated in the foothills of the eponymous mountain, named thus by the early settlers after the ‘wilde paarden’ found grazing on the slopes.  These horses are the Cape Mountain Zebra, which appears as the main logo for the Perdeberg Winery. Sadly, there are no more zebra in the area, though the winery assists with the conservation of the small pockets of remaining zebra in the province, the population of which is expanding.

Perdeberg Classic Collection Shiraz

The modern and early drinking wines of the Perdeberg Classic Range are perhaps those best known for those of us who buy our wines in supermarkets. There are two sparklers in the Classic Range, one a Rosé, the other a Chenin Blanc. Perdeberg Winery is also known as the Home of Chenin Blanc. There is a still Chenin and a Sauvignon Blanc. And then a selection of varietal reds and a couple of blends. The well-known Soft Smooth Red is a great value easy quaffer, served chill it is truly an anytime wine which is as easy as the traditional Sunday Roast Lunch as it is   with a well prepared mid-week supper dish.

A bush vine in a Perdeberg Vineyard

Most of the farmers who grow grapes for Perdeberg have dry land vineyards made up of bush vines.  No additional irrigation is supplied and as a result the berries are smaller and more packed with flavour. I was very excited when Perdeberg premiumised some selected vineyards and launched the Dry Land Collection a couple of years ago. These wines showcase the uniqueness of the wines grown in this testing terroir. Specific vines in predetermined dry land vineyards are selected and intensive vineyard practices are employed to reach the desired wine profile.

Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc

The wine is made in a new world style, complex with ample fruit and structure. Red wines are matured in vats and only some of the white wines have wood contact. Where maturation in oak barrels is practised, the oak is always there as a support to the fruit.  Like all Perdeberg wines, this range is food friendly and perfect for drinking on their own at special times. The Dry Land Collection whites include two Chenin Blancs, one with no oaking and one, the Courageous is a barrel fermented version.  The Pinot Noir Chardonnay is a perennial favourite in our house. The blended red Joseph’s Legacy, pays homage to Joseph Huskisson, admired Cellarmaster at Perdeberg for a number of years. The Dry Land Collection includes a Pinotage, a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Vineyard Collection Chenin Blanc Methode Cap Classique

The Vineyard Collection is a recent addition to Perdeberg. The wines are made from specially designated vineyards, each producing true expressions for the variety and the geological and climatic conditions. The range is of single variety wines made in the New World fruit forward style and with diligent and gentle use of oak. The whites have no oaking. The labelling of this range is particularly elegant and worthy of the product.

The generous Perdeberg Tapas Picnic with its Dry Land Collection Pinot Noir Chardonnay

Perdeberg Winery is certainly well worth the trip as they say in the Michelin Guide. The Winery offer Tapas Picnics at lunchtime which you can enjoy with their wines or their Hops & Co Craft Beers – you’ll need to book well in advance for these.

Perdeberg’s Hops & Co Cold Fermented Lager

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