Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Grenache Blanc 2017, perfect with Roberta Muir’s Flammekueche…

Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Grenache Blanc 2017

A recent visit to Perdeberg Winery on the slopes of the Paardeberg in Paarl reminded me of the wonderful quality of wines Albertus Louw and his team are making there. The Classic Collection is the one you will find on the Supermarket Shelves and are such great value and so true to the variety they represent, excellent midweek drinking.

Albertus also makes two premium ranges, The Dry Land Collection and the Vineyard Collection. Most, if not all of the Perdeberg grapes are grown in dry land conditions, no augmentation of irrigation. The resulting berries are smaller and more tasty.

Newly harvested Grenache Blanc arriving at the cellar

The Vineyard Collection appears to be mostly single vineyard wines. The grapes for the Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Grenache Blanc 2017 come from aa 32 year old vineyard planted of decomposed Granite and Glenrosa soils. Grenache Blanc is one of the most planted white wine grapes in the world. Allowing a full canopy of leaves, the Grenache Blanc is ideal for planting in the dry climate – no irrigation situations, so Perdeberg’s wine grape growers are perfectly placed to deliver fine quality grapes.

The wine has won awards, gold at Veritas and a silver at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show.

Cape Mountain Zebra – Equus Zebra Zebra

It looks like
Bottled under natural cork, the livery is in pink and has a couple of Cape Zebras indicating that Paardeberg was named after the ‘wilde paarden’ found by the early settlers. Wilde Paarden sadly no longer exist on the Mountain. In the glass, it is a gem bright pale golden straw.

It smells and tastes like
The aromas and the tastes in the palate echo each other perfectly, ripe white fleshed peaches and crisp starfruit and the delicious ‘bitterness’ you find in grapefruit. Fruit intense.

Roberta Muir’s Flammekueche

It’s good with
This Grenache Blanc is such a good glass on its own – it has no sharp angles. Round and harmonious and so good with food.  I have an Australian friend Robert Muir who kindly sent me her recipe and photograph taken by her husband, Franz Sheurer. A pair of talented Sydney dwellers, Roberta is a food teacher and writer, travel writer and manages the Sydney Fish Market Cookery School. Franz is a professional photographer, amateur cook, motor bike and wristwatch expert and plays the guitar in a jazz band. So here is Roberta Muir’s Flammekueche, also known as Tarte Flambée. It is a pizza like Alsatian flat bread. Click here for her recipe.

Pictures by Franz Scheurer [].

Franz & Roberta – on travels in County Wicklow, Ireland

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