Perdeberg Soft Smooth Red 2014 – 12.07.2016

Perdeberg Soft Smooth Red 2013Perdeberg Soft Smooth Red 2014

There is so much to Perdeberg Winery, I would really suggest a visit.  If you live in or are visiting Cape Town, it’s a lovely run out into the country – perhaps a part you have not visited before.  They have done a major revamp of their tasting and sales facilities, so it is all brand spanking new.

Albertus Louw and his winemaking team are turning out some really excellent wines.  The wines are tiered in different ranges, the Vineyard Collection, The Dry Land Collection, and then the Popular Range.  Not called Popular for nothing, this range offers real value, excellent quality wines for quaffing and easy drinking.

And so it is with the Perdeberg Soft Smooth Red 2014.

Riaan Moller at one if his open tank fermentationRiaan Moller, Red Winemaker, at one if his open tank fermentation

Made from a blend of red wine grape varieties grown by Perdeberg Grape Growers in Dry Land Bush Vineyards.  This makes grapes which are usually smaller for the struggle and that means greater skin to juice ratio, thus more flavour.  This wine is made with a modicum of residual sugar so that it is not completely dry but still has the flavours looked for by a dry wine drinker.

It looks like
Bottled under screwcap in a Bordeaux shaped bottle.  In the glass it has a gem bright ruby garnet translucence.

It smells like
Sweet cherries and rustic roadside brambles.

It tastes like
Though nominally ‘dry’ the flavours are of sweet cherries, ripe bloodplums and brown spice.  The tannins are soft and supportive of the sappy fruit.  Lovely quaffer, chill it for 30 minutes before serving.

imgTracy Foulkes’s Whole Roast Tandoori Chicken with Apricot & Coriander

It’s good with
This is the ideal ‘wine-by-the-glass’, standing round the fire or just ahead of a meal.  Do chill for about 30 minutes, we found it so improved the experience.  For a great dish as a match Tracy Foulkes’s  Whole Roast Tandoori Chicken with Apricot & Coriander ticks all the boxes.  Fruity spicy match. Click here for her recipe.

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