Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Conqueror Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 & Dianne Bibby’s Red Wine Ragu with Rigatoni – 21.08.2017

Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Conqueror Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Perdeberg, known as ‘The Home of Chenin Blanc’ is rightly named, though the winery takes in a number of the noble varieties [Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz] and several of what are known as major varieties [Chenin Blanc, Pinotage]. Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Conqueror Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, finds its home here.

Three Zebras at a drinking hole

It is incredible to think how fairly recently the Cape Mountain Zebra roamed free over the Perdeberg, named by the early Dutch settlers as ‘wilde paarden’. The Cape Mountain Zebra, almost became extinct. Today they live in tiny areas as far apart as Cape Point and Cradock, with an ever-decreasing gene pool.  They are beautiful beasts and the evolution of the stripes to confuse predators is so typical of the wonders of nature?

A Perdeberg Dry Land Bush Vine

The producers of the grapes for the Cellar’s wines grow mainly bush [untrellised] vines and dry land conditions. No additional irrigation available. This results in small bunches, small berries, a higher skin to juice ratio, therefore richer more concentrated flavours.

When handled with the care in the cellar given by Cellarmaster Albertus Louw, the wines come in a variety of ranges.  Super elevation used specially selected grapes from pockets known to the Cellar’s viticulturists have resulted in a premium range called The Dry Land Collection.

Cabernet Sauvignon ripening on the vine

The Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Conqueror Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 is a bold and brave expression of a modern-day Cabernet. Time maturing in French oak barrels rounds the wine off to create a truly sublime wine.

It looks like
Tall Bordeaux shaped bottle with the elegant Dry Land collection label. Bottled under a natural cork closure. In the glass, it is a deep plum at the core which pales out to ruby garnet at the meniscus.

It smells like
All the classic Cab perfumes. Blackcurrant, lead pencils, Morello cherries and ‘walked on’ dry Eucalypt leaves.

It tastes like
A modern Cabernet, mouth filling with prune plums, roadside brambles and a brush of fynbos herbs. The tannins are pronounced, though they are rich and ripe and beautifully interwoven with the fruit, the oak, and the acidity. A really good glass of a great classic.

Dianne Bibby’s Red Wine Ragu with Rigatoni

It’s good with
As a glass on its own it is very satisfying. In its youth, perhaps more a food wine which could shine with any dish from beef pork or lamb from the braai. Or indeed a simple well-cooked midweek supper. After her recent visit to Bologna, Dianne Bibby came home to have a crack at a red wine ragu with rigatoni. It is a perfect match to this wine. Click here for her recipe.

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