Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Resolve Pinotage 2014, perfect partner to Monique Henning’s The Yellow Cap Oxtail Potjie…

Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Resolve Pinotage 2014

Perdeberg Winery is in the foothills of the Perdeberg, or Paardeberg as it was known. Named for the herds of Cape Zebra which roamed the mountain.  Perdeberg’s Dry Land Collection was launched a couple of years ago and was a ratchet up from the Classic Collection. Made from grapes which are grown on bush vines, unirrigated, hence the name of the range. Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Resolve Pinotage 2014 is a Gem in the Crown of the range

Perdeberg Cellarmaster Albertus Louw

Known as the home of Chenin Blanc, Perdeberg, under the Cellarmaster Albertus Louw, produces some very exciting wines even single vineyard wines like the Endura, a Chenin Blanc and the Rex Equus, a really fine blended red.

The grapes for the Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Resolve Pinotage 2014 are selected for the wine from vineyards managed by the Winery’s Viticulturist Tharien Hansen and the growers who supply the winery. Elevation in the cellar is done with great care in order to deliver the finest quality wines for this range. Once the wine has spent 19 months in French Oak Barrels, it is prepared for bottling.

Big generous bunches of Pinotage, waiting for harvest

From a Bordeaux shaped bottled, closed with natural cork. The label is simple and elegant and portrays a dry land vineyard in winter. In the glass, the wine is a dark bloodplum red at the heart which pales out to a translucent ruby at the edges. Pinotage is very generous with its aromas with whiffs of its two parents the red fruits of the Pinot Noir and the black country brambles of the Cinsaut. This is a grape created by Professor Abraham Perold on the late 1920s, a truly local grape. The palate is packed with fruit from entry through to a full mid palate and into a long and gently waning aftertaste with well interwoven silky tannins. Already 5 years old, the wine with cool cellaring will certainly last another 3 to 4.

The Yellow Cap Oxtail Potjie

This is a wine just made for food. Pinotage is a great companion to South African dishes like Boerewors or a good Tomato Bredie. A sport website called The Yellow Cap kindly allowed me to use Monique Henning’s Oxtail Potjie recipe as an accompaniment to the Perdeberg The Dry Land Collection Resolve Pinotage 2014. Good choice as the nights draw in. Click HERE for the recipe.

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