Perdeberg Classic Collection Merlot 2017, perfect partner to Tracy Foulkes’s Festive Vegetarian Wellington…

Perdeberg Classic Collection Merlot 2017

Perdeberg Winery is in the lower folds of the Paardeberg Hills in the Paarl Wine Appellation. Named Paardeberg for the ‘wilde paarden’ aka The Cape Zebra seen here way back by the early Dutch settlers. Perdeberg Winery is known as the home of Chenin Blanc, and Albertus Louw, the Cellarmaster also produces a wide range of grape varieties and styles from the produce of the dry land vineyards provided by the Winery’s producer growers. The Winery offers, a Classic Collection from whence cometh today’s wine Perdeberg Classic Collection Merlot 2017, The Dryland Collection and The Vineyard Collection. It also produces premium Single Vineyard Wines like the Endura Chenin Blanc – a gem of a wine.

A perfect bunch of Merlot grapes – photo by Dusan Jelic

The grapes for the Perdeberg Classic Collection Merlot 2017 come, as do most of Perdeberg’s grapes, from dry land vineyards. Vineyards which receive no irrigation, resulting in lighter bunches and smaller berries. This means that the skin to juice ratio is higher which results in more flavour in the final wine. Careful wine making and oak application lead to a wine which is even handedly priced, and when chilled, perfect for a summer lunch off the braai.

Perdeberg Cellarmaster Albertus Louw

Bottled under screw cap in a Burgundy shaped bottle as is the rest of the Classic Collection. Exciting new livery starting with this vintage. In the glass, a youthful purple plum at the heart which pales out to garnet at the edges. The classical Merlot aromas and flavours are present, spicy plums, red and black berries, mulberries and roadside brambles. Silken tannins are harmoniously interwoven with the fruit and acidity in the gently waning aftertaste.

Tracy Foulkes’s Festive Vegetarian Wellington from NOMU Foods

Chilled, it makes a great glass before a braai. It is a wine which will go with a fully flavoured vegetarian dish like Tracy Foulkes’s Festive Vegetarian Wellington. Click here for her recipe.

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