Pan roasted chicken with lemon garlic butter – Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder's Pan roasted chicken with lemon garlic butter

Alida Ryder’s Pan roasted chicken with lemon garlic butter

Alida Ryder, the Queen of the Pretoria Kitchens, can always be relied upon for fabulous food.  She does her own photography, so her food always looks more than good enough to eat.  The aromas coming of this chicken, the caramelised skin, the irresistible smell of garlic and butter, make this an ideal dish for a really good Chardonnay.

Pan roasted chicken with lemon garlic butter

1 free-range chicken (approximately 1.5-1.7kg)
4 tablespoons olive oil
salt & pepper to taste (I used smoked salt)
6 sprigs fresh thyme
small handful fresh sage leaves

for the lemon garlic butter
150g butter
6 garlic cloves, peeled and halved
juice of 1 lemon
handful fresh parsley, finely chopped

Pre-heat the oven to 200°c.

To prepare the chicken, cut the backbone out of the chicken using sharp kitchen scissors, to spatchcock the chicken and then carefully cut through the breastbone to produce two halves. (If you are squeamish, ask your butcher to do this bit for you.)

Heat a skiller or large oven-proof pan over high heat.

Drizzle the chicken with olive oil then season with salt and pepper.

Place the chicken, breast and thigh side down in the hot pan and press down with another frying pan or foil-wrapped bricks to allow it to brown sufficiently. When the chicken is golden brown, flip it over and add the fresh herbs to the pan.

Allow to brown on the other side then place the chicken in the oven and allow to roast for 20-25 minutes until cooked through.

Remove the cooked chicken from the oven then transfer to a plate and cover with foil to rest.

Place the skillet on the stove over medium heat. Melt the butter in the pan then add the garlic. Allow to butter to simmer very gently, taking care to not burn it, and allow the garlic to soften and cook.

When the garlic is cooked, add the lemon juice and parsley and stir through. Add any of the chicken juices that might have accumulated on the plate.

Serve the chicken with the garlic lemon butter and crusty bread.

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 1 hour

Total time 1 hour 10 minutes

Serves: 4

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Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Chardonnay 2012

Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Chardonnay 2012

Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder is one of my favourite food people.  Excellent cook, recipe developer, great photographer.  Her website has a huge following and she is doing things she could only have dreamed of a few years ago.  She’s written two books Simple & Delicious and Cook from the heart.  Click here to go to her fabulous website.

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