Crush – 100 South African Wines to drink now, #14, Overgaauw Tria Corda 2014…

Overgaauw Tria Corda 2014

One of the exciting things for me is the visits of the Wine Estate Owners to the Highveld to allow the lucky locals a taste of their wines. Each week, there is a show, a festival, a tasting. This week, I had a lucky one on one lunch with David van Velden, fourth generation owner of Overgaauw Wine Estate up Stellenbosch Kloof in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation. About 6 months ago I tasted this wine and was very impressed then.

Father & Son, Braam & David van Velden, third & fourth generations of the Overgaauw family

From a classic Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. The label is classic Overgaauw with the name of the wine in elegant bold calligraphy. Tria Corda means three hearts, the three red varieties used in the wine.  The wine was one of the earlier Bordeaux style wines at the Cape. First bottled in 1979, and then followed a couple of years later by their first Estate bottled Merlot. David van Velden Snr was amongst the first Cape Winemakers to use small barrels, they imported second fill barrels from Chateau La Tour in Bordeaux, I believe. I said in my earlier writing that in the glass, the wine is a deep bloodplum red at the heart which pales out at the edges to ruby. The aromas are of blackcurrant and roadside brambles, oak and its concomitant spices and pleasantly mineral. The palate is one of cashmere clad tannins, perfect acidity, brilliantly applied oak and a generosity of red and black fruit. Harmony of all the components well interwoven. None of that has changed. What struck me tasting it today was the complete roundness of the wine, the fabulous fruit, the beautifully applied oak and the sheer pleasantness of drinking a fine Cape Wine with such perfect balance.

Dianne Bibby’s Red Wine Oxtail

I think this is the bottle you bring out after dinner to have with that bar of snappy dark chocolate, preferably Belgian. Though of course it is a fabulous complement to red meat and lusty vegetarian dishes. Dianne Bibby’s Red Wine Oxtail is the perfect partner. Click HERE for Dianne’s recipe.

Dianne Bibby, Johannesburg Cook, recipe developer, photographer writer

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