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Ina Paarmans Osso Buco with gremolataOsso Buco with gremolata by Ina Paarman

Ina says, “One of Italy’s great classics. Veal is not that readily available everywhere, we found some at Pick ‘n Pay here in Constantia, or substitute with baby beef. I have even on occasion, committed the great sin of making osso buco with lamb shanks. Excellent taste, but not the classic recipe.”

Osso Buco with gremolata

Serves 6
2 onions, chopped
2 medium carrots, sliced on the diagonal
2 sticks of celery finely sliced
3 cloves of garlic, finely sliced
2 t (10 ml) Ina Paarman’s Vegetable Spice
1 T (15 ml) Ina Paarman’s Garlic Pepper Seasoning
¼ cup (60 ml) flour
1.5kg veal or baby beef, shin slices
3 T (45 ml ) butter
¼ cup (60 ml) olive oil
1 cup (250 ml) white wine
4 bay leaves
400 g tin chopped tomatoes
4 x 25 g Ina Paarman’s Liquid Beef Stock
4 cups (1 litre) boiling water

1 t (5 ml) finely chopped garlic
a small handful of flatleaf parsley, chopped
grated zest of one lemon

Prepare all the vegetables, toss together and season with Vegetable Spice. Mix together the Garlic Pepper Seasoning and flour in a soup plate. Dip and shake the pieces of meat, one at a time, in the seasoned flour. Add any leftover seasoned flour to the vegetables and toss.

Melt the butter in a large pan over high heat. When the butter starts foaming, add the oil.
Add the shin pieces and brown them on both sides. Working in 2 – 3 batches. Remove and keep on one side.

Lower the heat and sauté the vegetables for 5 minutes. Pour in the white wine and loosen the sediment from the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon.

Adjust the oven rack to one shelf below the middle position. Preheat oven to 170°C.
When the wine has almost evaporated, add the bay leaves and tinned tomato. Cook over medium heat for ± 3 minutes. Add the meat and all its juices. Dissolve the Liquid Stock in the boiling water and rinse out the tomato tin with a little of the stock. Add stock. Bring everything up to a gentle simmer and put into the oven, tightly covered with foil or a lid. Cook for 2 hours until meat is fork tender.

Meanwhile prepare the gremolata. Finely chop the garlic and parsley. Add the lemon zest.

Sprinkle the Gremolata over the Osso Buco just before serving.

Serve with Risotto a la Milanese or buttered tagliatelle. Remind your guests to spoon out the marrow and mix it with the risotto.

Osso Buco, beef with a hole, is sometimes Bucco.

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Ina Paarman Website photoIna Paarman

Inspired by her grandmother’s cooking, Ina decided to study as a home economics teacher. She worked in London and traveled extensively, soaking up everything she could about the cuisines of other cultures. This she combined with our uniquely South African style and, after a successful teaching and lecturing career, started Ina’s Kitchen, a cookery school, in a converted garage at her home in Constantia.

She became food editor for Femina magazine, wrote a regular column for Die Burger, hosted many TV cookery programmes and published the first of her cookbooks, Cook with Ina Paarman.

Paarman Foods, the manufacturing arm of the business, was born when Ina’s son, Graham, joined the business. Soon the fledgling business managed to secure a foothold in the major supermarkets and in the catering industry. From what was a rather obscure home based industry, Paarman Foods, nurtured and managed by Ina and her son Graham, is today a significant food business servicing a wide spread of markets, local and overseas, with a diverse product offering.

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