Negronis at The Sansibar Gin Bar this week….

The Classic Negroni

This week is International Negroni Week.

What is a Negroni?

It is an old-fashioned cocktail invented in Florence, Italy, at Caffe Rivoire in just after World War One.

It’s a classic cocktail that has made bitterness in a cocktail that the punters enjoy. It contains but three ingredients, a good quality gin, Campari and a sweet red Vermouth such as Cinzano Rosso.

The Negroni is served in either in an Old Fashioned or Rocks glass or a conventional cocktail glass.

Thierry Lubala, Gin Expert at The Sansibar Gin Bar with his glass of Negroni

The Sansibar Gin Bar at Asara Wine Estate and Luxury Hotel is offering this week a different riff on the Negroni with a little appropriate snack prepared by Chef Arek and his kitchen team.

Well worth a visit!

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