Mulderbosch Single Vineyard Chenin Blancs & Justine Wall’s Artichoke, Anchovy & Caper Bake – 18.11.2016

mulderbosch-box-wine-unwrapped-nv_02-non-vintageThe Mulderbosch Single Vineyard Chenin Blancs 2015

Mulderbosch is well known for its Chenin Blanc Steen op Hout, packed in its bottle with a label like a cigar label.  Adam Mason, the winemaker at Mulderbosch, works with a number of producers of fine grapes and has chosen three different vineyard blocks in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation with which to make the Mulderbosch Single Vineyard Series Chenin Blancs.

Mulderbosch Adam Mason 7Adam Mason, Mulderbosch Wine Maker

The winemaking processes are the same for each three vinifying each block separately to allow each to shine.  The bunches were whole pressed and the juice cold and clear settled before being taken to neutral barrels for natural fermentation, using the vineyard’s own yeasts. After fermentation the wine pay on the yeast lees for about 11 months before being prepared for bottling.

Mulderbosch Vineyard Block A Chenin Blanc 2015 displays the true fruit of Chenin Blanc. Cold baked quinces, desiccated pineapple and a lovely undertow of sweet tropical limes. Brilliant bright fruit acidity and a touch of honey marzipan in the long aftertaste.
Soil type is Cambrian Cape granite. It has a relatively light textured, medium sand, topsoil with 10-15% clay, on a yellow brown, structureless, B-horizon, on mottled gravel.

Mulderbosch Vineyard Block S2 Chenin Blanc 2015, grown in shale soils, has an oily unctuous appeal, nutty, mineral flavours and more savoury than overt fruit. A bolder wine.
Soil Type is a mix of metamorphosed shale (phylite), “dirty” sandstone formed by submarine avalanches, quartz rich sands and occasional interbedded lava.

Chenin SunburntChenin Blanc ripening on the vine

Mulderbosch Vineyard Block W Chenin Blanc 2015 comes from a vineyard close to False Bay.  Affected by cooling breezes the wine has a kelpy quality. Bright yellow cling peach flavours and honey brittle and a clean fresh acidity end the long aftertaste.
Soil type is a marked textural contrast between the coarse sandy topsoil and the clay enriched subsoil.

These are wines of great beauty and elegance and they show of Adam Mason’s skills as a winemaker.

They look like
All three are packaged in unique packaging, different to the more traditional cigar label. In the glass all three are a rich golden straw in colour with green amber flashes.

dsc_0670-3Justine Wall’s Artichoke, Anchovy & Caper Bake

It’s good with
Chenin Blanc has the great advantage of being excellent as a glass of wine on its own and fabulous with food. I also think that Chicken is a good partner, lovely butter roasted organic chicken.  Vegetarian dishes and ‘almost vegetarian dishes’ do well with Chenin Blanc.  Justine Wall’s Artichoke, Anchovy & Caper Bake is a great match for all three of these Chenins.  Click here for her recipe.

Justine Wall with Berry MeringueJustine Wall – berried out

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