Morgenster’s Balsamic is of ancient descent

natures garden 13-08Balsamic Vinegar has been produced in Modena and Reggio Emilia regions in Italy since the Middle Ages and was first documented a thousand years ago.  The name comes from the Latin balsamum which means it is like a balsam with its ability to restore and refresh and act as a curative.

Ugni Blanc or TrebbianoTrebbiano, also known as Ugni Blanc

It is made in the traditional way by reducing Trebbiano grapes juice, matured in oak barrels and then using the final product as a flavourant. Some of the balsamics available are anything up to 20 years old and are thick unctuous liquids.

Fortunately, there are people today who make superb balsamics which have their protected geographical status.

il-borgo-del-balsamico-acetaia-7A Balsamic Vinegar Maturation Cellar

The Morgenster Balsamic Vinegar has been made in Modena for five generations by an Italian family who are friends of Morgenster owner, Giulio Bertrand.  Giulio insisted on a Modena Balsamic. It bears the certification of the Consorzio Aceto Balsamico di Modena. Three years aged in oak casks, the concentrated must

[reduced by 50% by volume] sweetens and takes on the properties of the oak used. Ash, acacia, chestnut, juniper and mulberry casks are also used.

It looks like
Packed in the Morgenster Square bottle, like the estate’s premium olive oils, with a glass embossed crest just below the neck. It is very dark in colour.

It smells like
Rich, fruity, grapey with a whiff of ‘sweet’ acidity.

It tastes like
Full flavoured with the most pleasant acidity.  The grapiness is wonderful.  Perfect rounded acidity.

bread-2Baby breads with balsamic & olive oil dip

It’s good with
In this country it is best used as a dipping sauce with the Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil, using a ciabatta loaf.  A swirl of it in a gently flavoured soup like a potato and leek cream, or into a casserole, just ups the stature of a dish. As an ingredient in a marinade, it adds the delicious sweetness and aids the caramelisation of the crust of the meat on a braai. It is brilliant when dripped onto fresh ripe cut strawberries.

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