Morgenster Nocellara del Belice Olives

natures garden 13-08The Nocellara del Belice Olive has a history dating back over 2700 years.  The variety Nocellara is traditionally grown in the Valle del Belice area of south-western Sicily in fine red soils and the perfect Mediterranean climate with sea breezes a regular feature.  It is one of my most favourite olives, a dual-purpose olive, excellent for oil making and just perfect as a table olive.

The Nocellara olive was one of the many Italian varieties that Morgenster’s owner Giulio Bertrand imported when establishing Morgenster as a Table Olive and Olive oil producer and Olive Nursery in the early 1990s.

Gerrie Duvenhage 0550MRsc (Large)Gerrie Duvenhage, Morgenster’s Olive Producer

Now on Morgenster, the green olives are cured using a natural fermentation process; leaving a crisp olive full of natural flavours; the process demands patience as it takes 9 to 12 months to cure the olives – but patience always provides rewards.

The cured olive also has a creamy nutty flavour not unlike cashew nuts.

It is the crunch that does it for me.

classic_martini_by_ken30684A Classic Martini

They are just wonderful with a glass of fino sherry or a white wine like the Morgenster 2014. Perfect in a Martini – have two olives if you are hungry!

a0pzuojn0pazvzfns5gvuovtahhud2villhrp-avhd3ocb849ykhlprgywwA handful of Nocellara

I am very fond of using these olives in salads, salsas and cold sauces.  One of my favourite snacks is a crisp olive oil baked bruschetta with a thin slice of orange and then topped with a Nocellara Salsa with chopped pine nuts and anchovies.

They are so versatile so either buy two 290g jars or get the large one.

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