Morgenster Black Olives

natures garden 13-08Morgenster Black Olives

If I think black olives, the first word to come to mind is Kalamata. The second is Morgenster.  A cute little olive, perhaps the best known of all the table olives, rich black in colour with tones of purple, Greek in origin, almond in shape with a turned up point on the olive itself and on the pip.

Olive harvesting on MorgensterFarm workers picking olives

The olives are picked using bright yellow rakes, purpose designed which remove the fruit form the trees onto mats on the ground from which the olives are taken straight to the processing plant on the estate.

At Morgenster, they cure their olives using a natural brine fermentation process which takes 12 to 14 months and leaves a crunchy olive, plump and full of flavour, an essence of the olive.

Flickr_-_cyclonebill_-_Græsk_salatGreek Salad

My favourite way to eat these olives is with a glass of wine and salted almonds.  I also think of a Greek Salad and was reminded the other day by Rick Stein that a Greek Salad has no lettuce, just tomato, cucumber, red onions, feta and olives.  The seasoning is black pepper, dried oregano.  Often the feta is left in a single piece on top of the salad. And always a generosity of extra virgin olive oil with a miser’s squeeze of lemon juice.


Of course there are many ways to use these wonderful olives.  You can depip them and mash them with capers, a touch of garlic, anchovies if you like and make a tapenade, a variation of an old Provencal name for capers, tapenas. This is good on crisp sourbread or ciabatta toast. Excellent on grilled fish, in a pasta sauce or spread on bread dough and then rolled up before baking.

The Morgenster Black Olives are packed in 290g and 3kg packs, get a big one and share it with friends!

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