Marvelous Red 2014 – 15.06.2016

Marvelous Red 2014Marvelous Red 2014

Marvelous wines are the fruits of collaboration between winemaker Adam Mason of Mulderbosch Vineyards, chef Peter Tempelhoff, award-winning Chef of the McGrath Collection of Hotels and passionate USA wine entrepreneur Charles Banks. Each of the three labels in the range are a multi-variety blend crafted from grapes of carefully selected vineyards chosen for their unique contribution to this eclectic range of wines.

The grapes used for the Marvelous Red 2014 make up a blend of five Rhone grape varieties. Syrah 30% from the Elgin Wine Appellation, Cinsaut 35%

[Stellenbosch & Darling], Grenache Noir 15% [Elgin], Mourvèdre 6% [Elgin] and Viognier 5% [Elgin].

footerPeter Tempelhoff & Adam Mason

Maturation in neutral oak barrels and gentle tannin extraction during winemaking have resulted in a very special wine.

It looks like
Packed in a Burgundy shaped bottle under screwcap. Bold red label, which I think is huge fun. In the glass a deep Satsuma plum red at the core, which pales out to ruby garnet at the rim.

It smells like
Generous berry fruits, mainly red like raspberries, cranberries. Cherries present in the form of cherry tobacco. Inviting aromas.

It tastes like
From entry there is a golden thread running through to the long aftertaste. Fruit, acidity, medium bodied wine all in harmony. Nice grippy texture – nice food wine.

Spanish-Chicken-with-ChickpeasSpanish Chicken with Chickpeas

It’s good with
Perfect for some nibbly bits while the braai fire sorts out your meat.  An excellent artisanal sausage would be perfect.  So would the Marvelous Website’s Spanish Chicken with Chickpeas.  Click here for the recipe.

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