Landskroon Pinotage 2016, perfect with a heritage dish from Lizet Hartley…

Landskroon Pinotage 2016

I was reading New World of Wine from the Cape of Good Hope the other day and Landskroon Wine Estate gets a special mention for producing one of the finest Cinsauts in the Cape at the time of the book’s publishing in the 1980s. How well I remember that wine. Landskroon is owned and managed by the De Villiers family and has been for 5 generations so far, going back into the 1800s. The Landskroon Pinotage 2016 would have found itself there as one of the sublime Pinotages of this century.

Pinotage grapes ripening on the vine

Pinotage is a uniquely South African grape created by Abraham Perold in the 1920s, though real interest in the grape was gently awakened by the first bottling of Pinotage in the late 1950s. Serious interest really took flame in the 1970s when todays senior wine citizens began to realise that Pinotage, well-made, could be a great addition to the South African Wine palette. Today, there are any number of styles of Pinotage, from ‘white’ Pinotages, Blancs de Noirs, Rosés, bubblies, delicate fruity reds and some pretty serious red wines which can baffle and beat many a more noble grape.

The Landskroon Pinotage 2016 is made from grapes harvested on the Estate in the Paarl Wine Appellation. Taken to the cellar, they are destalked, crushed and the taken to a mix of closed and open fermenters. Once done, the wine matures for 12 months in a mix of French and American oak barrels, some 1st fill, some 2nd fill and some 3rd fill. After which the wine is prepared for bottling.

Michiel du Toit, Landskroon Winemaker

It looks like
Bottled in a Bordeaux shaped bottle under natural cork. It boasts the usual elegant Anthony Lane designed Landskroon label. In the glass, it is bloodplum in colour which pales out to pale ruby at the edges.

It smells like
Predominantly plums, mulberries and roadside brambles. The French and ‘sweet’ American oak in undertow.

It tastes like
From entry it is a more than a medium bodied wine with a soft mouthfeel and the tannins well interwoven in the long aftertaste. It is all about fruit – plums, red berries and cherries and country wayside fruits.

Lizet Hartley’s Whole Roast Lamb Neck

It’s good with
As a glass on its own, it is a good one while waiting for the braai fire to reach perfect temperature. Or with a sharp little knife and a stick of biltong which watching sport on TV. It likes spicy South African dishes like Boerewors and Bobotie. We should be aware of heritage food, and Lizet Hartley’s Whole Roast Lamb Neck is certainly something out of her grandmother’s recipe book. Click here for her recipe on her website Melkkos en Merlot.

Lizet Hartley who produces the lovely food website Melkkos en Merlot

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