KWV Cathedral Cellar Shiraz 2016, good with Mynhardt Joubert’s Pesto Verde with Squid Ink Pasta, Black Salami & Parmesan…

KWV Cathedral Cellar Shiraz 2016

My parents were wine farmers and a couple of times a year we would go and fetch wine and spirits which was part of my father’s KWV Quota as it was known. The gigantic oak wine vats, in which a dance party could be held. Big Bill and his family of oak vats and The Cathedral Cellar brought the inevitable gasps. The Sherry Bodega, and so much else. I am pleased that the Cathedral Cellar is used for functions on occasion and there is a range of wines named for this impressive venue. And today I talk of the KWV Cathedral Cellar Shiraz 2016.

Shiraz, ripening on the vine

The grapes for the KWV Cathedral Cellar Shiraz 2016 come from 5 different Wine Appellations in different percentages. 42% from Paarl, 18% from Darling, 15% from Swartland, 14% from Wellington, and 11% from Bot River. Made in the midst of the worst drought in living memory, and after a good cold winter, fine grapes were produced, generally in lighter bunches and smaller berries. After destalking and crushing, the wines, individually vinified for later blending underwent two days of cold maceration. It was then inoculated with special yeasts and during the fermentation regular pump overs took place. Regular tastings during this process gave the direction in which the wine was going. Malolactic fermentation took place in barrel after which the wine was racked from the lees and taken to French [95%] and American [5%] oak barrels for 15 months maturation. Of these, 35% were new. The wine was then prepared for bottling.

Mynhardt Joubert, Chef with a real flair

From a Burgundy shaped bottled and closed with natural cork. The label is innovative and striking. In the glass, the wine is a deep opaque plum colour which pales out to a purple ruby at the edges. The aromas of red and black fruit, plums, oak and its concomitant spice and vanilla and all perfectly interwoven in the mid palate and in the long and slowly waning aftertaste. Ready to last to 2022 with cool cellaring.

KWV has the good fortune of having Mynhardt Joubert as a chef on whom to call for special wine accompanying dishes. Mynhardt’s Pesto Verde with Squid Ink Pasta, Black Salami and Parmesan is made for this wine – literally – and in flavour too.

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Information from Feed that Bird Communications