KWV – 12 & 15 year old Premium Brandies – 26.11.2016

KWV Copper PotstillsKWV Brandy Stills

KWV is well known for its premium potstill brandies. The Winery in the centre of the town of Paarl has been producing fine brandies for almost 100 year.

Pieter de Bod 1Pieter de Bod, KWV’s Master Distiller

Over the last few years Pieter de Bod, KWV’s Master Distiller and his team, have taken some serious awards both from the International Wine & Spirits Competition and the International Spirits Challenge, the latter for the past two years awarding KWV as the Best Brandy/Cognac in the world.

Brandy is a great gift for Christmas, one would hope that you have poured the KWV 3-year-old all over your Christmas Pudding and Cake by now.

House of Brandy_Barrels_350KBHere are two which are personal favourites, the KWV 12-year-old which is a barrel selection brandy using brandies aged from 12 to 20 years and the KWV 15-year-old which is a 100% Alambic Potstill Brandy.

KWV 12 Year Old Potstill Brandy

The KWV 12-year-old

It looks like
Packed in a traditional KWV Brandy bottle with the logo embossed in glass just below the foil. Silver and gold label.  In the glass, rich gold.

It smells like
Floral. Pot pourri. Soft sun dried figs. Touch of windfall oranges and white chocolate.

It tastes like
Soft dried fruits, apricots and yellow cling peaches. The oak is so supportive of these big flavours. Long lingering aftertaste.

KWV 15 YR Brandy PackShot 2014_350kb-01The KWV 15-year-old

It looks like
Packed in the same bottle as the 12-year-old with a teal blue label. In the glass a gem bright rich gold.

It smells like
Rich aromas of soft sun dried stone fruit. Satsuma plums and a whisper of Port.

It tastes like
Rich soft entry. Mouth filling windfall citrus. There are flavours of sweet cherry tobacco.

Premium brandies like this are not normally taken with food. But they do take to a shard of snappy chocolate, white for the 12-year-old and milk for the 15-year-old.

cruxland-ginCruxland Gin

These brandies, together with a number of KWV’s premium products, the fabulous Cruxland Gin, a selection of vintage wines and some of the KWV’s Fortified wines, are available online from the Empyrean Collective – CLICK HERE

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