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R46 near Riebeeck Kasteel 7307, Western Cape, South Africa.

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Kloovenburg FamilyThe du Toit family – note the boys red legs from grape stomping for their Eight Feet Wine

On Kloovenburg Estate in Riebeek Kasteel, while Pieter is the wine farmer, also making great Shiraz [do Olives and Shiraz go hand in hand?], his wife Annalene is the olive specialist. The idea of planting olive trees was conceived by Pieter’s father, who believed that diversification was important, in order to keep the farm busy when the grape season was over. Today the harvest of olives is produced by three different cultivars.

Kloovenburg Olive Oil Products

Kloovenburg Olive Oil Products

Annalene, who started selling a range of bottled olives from the farm house, has since made a name for herself with the quality of her constantly evolving range that includes olive oil, bottled olives, tapenade and several other fascinating olive-related products.

L’Extravergine – A Guide to the Best Certified Quality Olive Oil in the World is edited by Marco Oreggia, one of the foremost expert tasters of extra virgin olive oil in the world and published by Cucina & Vini in Italy.  In 2005 449 producers were selected after more than 3.000 tastings and the 15 top International producers named, Kloovenburg was nominated Migliore Olio Extravergine di Oliva – Fruttato Intenso.

IA new release from Kloovenburg includes two choices of delicious dipping oils.

A tantalising blend of their award-winning olive oil delicately flavoured with quality herbs and spices, it’s a taste-sensation that’s preservative-free and forms the perfect accompaniment to fresh crusty bread or drizzled over salads, jacket potatoes, pastas, pizzas or meat dishes. Flavours include chilli and garlic as well as oregano, basil and black pepper.

Kloovenburg Olive Orchards

Kloovenburg Olive Orchards

Kloovenburg’s serene groves of grey-green olive trees, covering 30 hectares, produce many tons of fruit per season. Drawing on the traditions of Mediterranean countries, Annalene is expanding the non-culinary uses of olive oil into the area of beauty products. These items, together with novel fragranced ‘play dough’, are on sale at the farm and most outlets that supply Kloovenburg wines including Cape Town’s Fleur Deli, Andiamo’s and the Olive Tree in Stellenbosch as well as the Tapenade Olive Shop in Gauteng. Designated Spar outlets in Gauteng and the Western Cape also stock the oils.

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