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I first met John Platter in 1978 when he had just arrived in Franschhoek and had bought a wine farm. This as before the first John Platter Wine Guide was released.

What happened to the guide is part of South African Wine history. A slim little volume written in his unique style which has made him one of South Africa’s finest wine writers. The respected doyen. And then he sold the guide and he Erica and son Cameron moved off to KZN.

For the last 16 years, I have had to be satisfied with three entries in Erica Platters fabulous foods on the food of KZN. John has written a chapter in each and each has just made we want more. He and Erica wrote Africa Uncorked after the reading of which I went into mourning.

John Platter - Durban CurryJohn Platter with his kind of wine

Now Platter comes roaring back with a fine piece of work called My Kind of Wine. In this gem of a book, he visits old friends in the wine business like Jan ‘Boland Coetzee, he discovers new ones like Craig Hawkins and a raft of young Turks who are making great stuff in the sometimes hidden corners of the Cape winelands.

Cleverly divided in grape varieties, John talks about the grape itself and then his kind of wine that is made using the grape. There are huge insights as to what is going on in the winelands. Terms are explained. John’s views given on all manner of subjects about wine Favourite recipes are shared.  It’s a feast of a book.

All written in the kindest and gentlest way. I fear I will go into mourning again.

John & Erica PlatterErica & John Platter

This is my first book to stuff into a Christmas stocking for 2015. And possibly one of the best of the year.

Better buy two, so that you have one for yourself.

John Platter – My Kind of Wine
Paw Paw Publishing
ISBN 978-0-620-66361-8

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