Indochine redux

The Simonsberg from IndochineThe Simonsberg from Indochine

If you ever create your Restaurant Bucket List, Indochine on the Delaire Graff Estate should be up somewhere near the top.

Virgil Kahn Chef at Indochine Restaurant Delaire Graff EstateVirgil Kahn, chef at Indochine

Delaire Graff has been a website partner of ours for a couple of years and it was good to accept an invitation from Tanja McKay Davidson, the Marketing Manager to lunch again at the restaurant and to try some of Virgil Kahn’s new dishes.

Delaire Graff Coastal Cuvee Sauvignon Blanc 2013 copyDelaire Graff Coastal Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc

It was about a year since we had last tasted Virgil’s food, but a light year away in terms of the way he has raised his game. We had a superb meal with Delaire Graff Wines matched to perfection to the dishes by Sommelier Kathryn. Zane’s table service was unobtrusive and his sense of humour and quiet professional manner added to our enjoyment of the meal.

A pair of Dylan Lewis CheetahsA pair of Dylan Lewis’s Cheetahs

The view from the restaurant, over the lodges and along the side of the majestic Simonsberg was a gently misty one, and you certainly feel as though you are on top of the world.

Here are some of the dishes we had. One or two of them still have to find their way to the menu. Virgil was trying them out on us – such fun tasting fabulous dishes before they appear on the menu.

Cured Kingklip, Tapioca coated linefish, chili sauceCured Kingklip, Tapioca coated linefish, chili sauce

Squid & Duck Lar Salad, mint, pea & basilSquid & Duck Larb Salad, mint, pea & basil

Guinea Fown& Green Melon Curry, Cinnamon, Star Anixe, Orange & Sichuan PepperGuinea Fowl & Green Melon Curry
Cinnamon, Star Anise, Orange & Sichuan Pepper

Black Pepper Springbok, Peppadew, leeks & blackriceBlack Pepper Springbok, Peppadew, leeks & black rice

Chocolate Tonka BeanBeetroot & Chocolate
chocolate crumble, tonka bean ice cream
beetroot & lime doughnut

Delaire Graff Shiraz 2013Delaire Graff Shiraz – delicious with the Springbok

Indochine is part of the Delaire Graff Lodges, a Relais & Chateaux Hotel and Spa. The Delaire Graff Wine Estate is situated on the top of the Helshoogte Pass in Stellenbosch.

Telephone – 021 885 8160