Haute Cabrière Unwooded Pinot Noir 2016 & Nina Timm’s Labneh Beetroot Salad with Cheesy Titbits – 21.10.2016

haute-cabriere-unwooded-pinot-noir-2014One of the things I love about the von Arnims of Haute Cabrière in Franschhoek is the way they have taken two grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the noble varieties of the Champagne Wine Appellation and made them their own.  Getting the best expressions of both grapes from their vineyards high up in the Franschhoek Valley.

Takuan & Christiane von Arnim Takuan & Christiane von Arnim

Innovators too with head of the family Achim von Arnim being the second producer of Cap Classique in the Cape.  Takuan von Arnim, the current Cellarmaster, makes the unique Ratafia, a fortified Chardonnay sweet wine.  Not only for use when you need to ratify a treaty, but excellent with foie gras or a smooth chicken or duck liver paté or as a post prandial digestif.  The latest production is the PJ Pops, beautifully packed wine sorbet in a white cardboard cone.

Pinot Noir is a noble grape and one which reflects its soils, the weather and the journey through the cellar.  It has a very thin skin, so the final wine has a delicate luminescent colour with some fabulous aromas and flavours.

Pinot Noir on the vinePinot Noir ripening on the vine

The Haute Cabrière Unwooded Pinot Noir 2016 is probably the only one of its kind in the country.  Made without the use of oak barrels as is the tradition with Pinot Noir.

It looks like
Bottled under screw cap with the Haute Cabrière livery.  In the glass, a breath taking gem bright ruby garnet.

It smells like
Serious berry aromas, little whiffs of forest floor. Very enticing,

It tastes like
Do chill it before you serve it – makes a huge difference. Wonderful voluptuous red fruit, mainly cherries, cranberries and roadside brambles. Elegant and delicate.

labneh-and-beetroot-salad-1-768x1156Nina Timm’s Labneh Beetroot Salad with Cheesy Titbits

It’s good with
Lovely as a glass on its own, so refreshing. Even better with some Italian Spek on a crisp bruschetta.  Perfect with summery dishes that contain prawns, Beef Carpaccio. Nina Timm’s Labneh Beetroot Salad with Cheesy Titbits meets this wine with perfection. Click here for her recipe.

Nina TimmNina Timm

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pierre-jourdan-blanc-de-blancsPierre Jourdan Blanc de Blancs

With the arrival of summer the Pierre Jourdan Cap Classiques are the perfect wine not only for celebrations and special events, but as a wine accompanying a meal.  Nina’s recipe above would be a great match.  As would smoked trout or salmon or oysters.

pierre-jourdan-belle-rose-in-an-ice-bucketThe tantalizing Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose

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