Haute Cabrière Restaurant – well worth a visit as they say in the Michelin Guide

Find your way to the Haute Cabrière Wine Estate in Franschhoek, soon. Nic van Wyk and Westley Muller have entered a partnership with the von Arnim Family to run the Estate’s well known restaurant and are serving fantastic food.

Nic van Wyk & Westley Muller

Nic and Westley are seriously experienced chefs and have worked in some fine establishments. Nic owns Bistro 13 on the main road into Stellenbosch from the N2.  He is a well-known reality television judge on Kokkedoor and will be appearing shortly in Kokkedoortjie, a South African child cook’s programme.

Asian Venison Tartare

Westley, whose wife is also an accomplished professional chef, and Nic have taken experience gained in more formal restaurants and relaxed bistros in the winelands and turned it into a pleasantly informal approach to fine dining with European classical methods. Westley says, that the new menu is all about classic dishes done in a modern way and while presentation is important, in the end what counts is working layers of flavour into each and every dish. “We love sauces; it’s what really forms the foundation of a great dish,” says Westley, “with sauces there are no shortcuts. Nothing must detract from the final product.”  He will happily spend two days carefully reducing and refining a single sauce.

Cape Bouillabaisse

A key element of the menu offering mirrors Haute Cabrière’s founding philosophy of Sun-Soil-Vine-Man on the plate. Here the estate’s sizeable vegetable gardens have been a boon for the two chefs, with a steady supply of fresh asparagus, tomatoes, leeks, artichokes and herbs making their way from the farm to the prep stations each morning.

Nic, Takuan & Westley

Great things are happening on this beautiful Franschhoek Winery. Takuan von Arnim is producing some of the truly sublime Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays and some of the Cape’s most iconic Cap Classiques. A true marriage of good food and fine wine.

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