Groot Constantia Rosé 2018, good with my Eland Tacos with Tomato, Kidney Beans & Chilli…

Groot Constantia Rosé 2018

I always feel that Rosé is a wine meant for the whole year, rather than just for Summer. Boela Gerber, Cellarmaster at Groot Constantia has made a smasher with the Groot Constantia Rosé 2018, which is packed with flavour and can stand up to some fully flavoured dishes. See my Eland Tacos with Tomato, Kidney Beans & Chilli below.

Boela Gerber, Cellarmaster of Groot Constantia

The Groot Constantia Rosé 2018 is a blend of 42% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 22% Semillon, and 6% Sauvignon Blanc. The vines are planted in Glenrosa and Hutton soils on south facing slopes. The grapes were taken to the cellar, destalked and separately

Vinified with no skin contact in order to preserve the colour. After fermentation the wine lay on its lees for 6 weeks in order to build up the mid palate.  The wines are then blended and prepared for bottling.

Leading grape, Cabernet Sauvignon in the harvesters hands

From a clear glass Bordeaux bottle, best to show off the stunning colour. The label is classic Groot Constantia with an etching of the Manor House. In the glass, the wine is the colour of a pink diamond, and is gem bright. The aromas are all about red berries, chunky watermelon and white flowers. The wine from entry has a lovely thread of crisp fruit acidity running through to the gently waning aftertaste. The mid palate is generously fruited with textures of melon and the berries. The ending is crisp and refreshing. For immediate drinking.

This is a great sipping wine, mid-morning or at sundown. It has sufficient flavour to take foods with full flavour and my Eland Tacos with Tomato, Kidney Beans & Chilli are a great supper time dish.

Eland Tacos with Tomato, Kidney Beans & Chilli

My Eland Tacos with Tomato, Kidney Beans & Chilli

This is a minced Eland Dish, and it needs at least four hours of gentle simmering to cook the meat properly. I eventually used an extra 500ml of water to keep the dish moist. Beef would not take as long to cook.

What you’ll need
A splash of Olive Oil
1 onion, large and finely diced
2 fat cloves of garlic, finely chopped
I kg Eland Mince – if you use beef, then perhaps cook it for less time
1 tsp ground cumin
1 ½ tsp dried chilli flakes [gives a gentle hum of heat]
250 ml beef stock – we use Nomu
water to keep the dish moist
I x can 70gm Italian Tomato Paste
2 x 400gm tins of crushed Italian Tomatoes
1 tsp Dried Italian Herbs
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 x 400gm cans Red Kidney beans
Tacos and Sour Cream to serve

What you’ll do
In a cast iron casserole, heat the olive oil. Over medium to low heat, add the onion and stir fry until transparent. Add the garlic and then gently allow the onion to reach a golden colour. This is one of the means of adding flavour from the caramelised onions. Add the cumin and the chilli flakes and stir fry for a short while to release the aromas and flavours.

Add the meat and break it up with a wooden spoon and cook until it has no pinkness left. Add the beef stock, the tomato paste and the crushed tomatoes. Add the herbs, you can use oregano or thyme too, and season well with the Sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper. Cover and turn the heat down. Check it after 20 minutes or so to be sure it is bubbling gently. Leave for three and a half hours, stirring occasionally and adding water as you fell it is necessary. Add the beans and allow to warm through for 30 minutes. Leave the lid off if you would like the sauce thicker. Taste and reseason if necessary.

If you like heat, add more chilli during the last half an hour.

Serve with Tacos and Sour Cream.

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