Advent Calendar #5 – Grangehurst Cape Rosé Blend 2015, a rosé with a college education…

Grangehurst Cape Rosé Blend 2015

Jeremy and Mandy Walker and their daughters live on Grangehurst in the foothills of the Helderberg halfway between Stellenbosch and Somerset West. The Grangehurst Cape Rosé Blend 2015 is a rosé with a college education, a blend of Pinotage (32%), Cabernet Sauvignon (28%), Shiraz (18%), Merlot (15%) and Chenin Blanc (7%). Harvesting took place early in the ideal ripeness window at low sugar content, which if course resulted in a wine with a lower percentage alcohol by volume.

Hayley, Mandy, Jeremy & Tarryn Walker

The winemaking process was simple and classical. Destemming, crushed, limited time on skin and then pressed. The Pinotage came from a barrel which added a touch of tannin and complexity to the wine. The Chenin Blanc added its brilliantly fresh fruit and a bit of a crispy zing.

From a heavy clear bottle under screw cap with simple Grangehurst livery. In the glass, it is gem bright with the colour of the centre of a cherry blossom in Spring. Generous sweet red and black berries and chunky watermelon on the nose.  The palate is full from entry to exit. A real charmer, good as a glass on its own as a mid-morning refresher or sundowner.

Chase, the real boss of Grangehurst

This is a truly versatile wine – chill it but not too much. Made for food, crispy leaf salads with avocado and plump pink prawns. Smoked or raw fish dishes like, ceviche, salmon and angelfish. It would be a great partner with roast pork belly with crunchy crackling and baked apples.

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