Flames at The Four Seasons Hotel in Westcliff, great view, sublime food & lovely staff…

The Four Seasons Hotel in Westcliff Johannesburg

I have a memory of The Four Seasons Hotel in Westcliff Johannesburg which will stay with me forever. I was staying there on Sunday night, about 10 years ago with a business partner and we were dining – alone – on the patio of the restaurant overlooking the amazing urban forest that is Johannesburg and the zoo where we could see the elephants in their enclosures. The stillness was so calming. Eventually two elderly gents with embroidered waistcoats appeared, one with a violin and the other a piano accordion. They proceeded to play very gently and quietly a selection of tunes, from the classics to film scores of the 50s and 60s. Another couple appeared and sat on the other side of the musicians. In the middle of their dinner, the gentleman stood up and went across to the players and had a very discreet word with them and then returned to the table, and as he got there the twosome started playing the Wiener Blud waltz by Johann Strauss 11. As he got to the table, the gentleman asked the lady if she would dance. She stood, and they started waltzing. She had an elegant long dress on and he a dark suit. They were in their own world while the musicians played the music so that it was audible yet not intrusive. They looked like a couple in a Jack Vettriano painting. It was a moment I will never forget.

Flames Terrace

I recently returned to The Four Seasons Hotel Johannesburg to experience what they have done to that balcony. The memory returned immediately. In the middle of the week, Flames Restaurant was a bustling place, people were sitting outside under an awning and inside with a happy buzz going on all around us.

The hotel is set on a hill and looks not unlike a little Italian village. Golf Carts whizz you up to the highest point where you find the restaurants.

Flames’s Signature Dish, a grilled Rib Eye Steak, offered with a variety of Sauces

The food was beyond memorable and below, I have posted some of the dishes we enjoyed that day. Modern food, beautifully served, by lovely waiters.

Flames Earth Burger

Flames Cheese Fondue, made with a local Gruyere style Cheese – retro & sublime

Flames Mushroom Risotto – my best in recent times

With pictures alone, I am not able to capture the magic of the day, my first Johannesburg Media Event, to which I was invited my Manley Communications, and meeting some lovely new people.

I would go back in a flash.

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