Fairview Stok by Paaltjie Grenache 2014 & Lizet Hartley’s 5 Spice Pork Spare Ribs – 07.04.2017

Fairview Stok by Paaltjie Grenache 2014

I have known Fairview for almost 40 years, from the earliest of days when Cyril Back bottled his own wines, held the first wine auction ever, and Beryl Back sold the wines from the tasting room and packed eggs in the room next door.

Charles & Cyril Back, way back when

Cyril, always had a cigarette in the corner of his mouth and looked like a French farmer, Gauloise at the ready, about to put on his black beret and get onto his bicycle and ride to market with strings of garlic arranged over the handlebars. Beryl, always tucking a piece of stray hair back into place, was a total gem. As a couple, they were a great support to me in the ‘wynpolitik’ of the late 1970s. I loved visiting there, and it was in those early times that I met Charles Back, current head of the family business – and we have remained friends since.

Fairview’s Stok by Paaltjie Grenache Vineyard, each to its own pole

Some years back, Charles took me to a new vineyard in which he was planting a single pole for each vine type of trellising. He was to plant Grenache, a vine I had heard of, but whose production at that time was a new thing.

The Fairview Stok by Paaltjie Grenache 2014 made its first appearance and was an immediate hit.  Charles, always innovative with his wine names, immediately attracted attention to this wine. Anthony de Jager, Fairview’s Winemaker, has produced a gem here.

Anthony de Jager in the Fairview Cellar

Grapes sorted on arrival in the cellar and then fermented in open top French oak foudres.  Punch downs took place three times a day to the peak of fermentation where after the wine was pumped over daily.  The grapes were then basket pressed and the wine taken to previously filled French oak barrels for malolactic fermentation and then further maturation for 15 months.  The wine was then prepared for bottling with a light filtration.

Grenache in waiting at the cellar

It looks like
Bottled under a natural cork closure in a Burgundy shaped bottle.  The label shows the single pole trellis.  In the glass, it is a gem bright translucent cherry red. Very inviting.

It smells like
Herbaceous red fruit.

It tastes
Jubilant cherries and red berries from entry through middle palate and into the tail where soft tannins mingle with rounded acidity. Fynbos herbaceousness and an undertow of oak and its concomitant spice.

Lizet Hartley’s 5 Spice Pork Spare Ribs

It’s good with
Chill it slightly for drinking – will add great pleasure. For food, we thought it would like something spicy and with caramelly edges from the braai. I have been spending time on the Melkkos en Merlot website this week and found Lizet Hartley’s 5 Spice Pork Spare Ribs which does that and more. Click here for her recipe.

Lizet Hartley at work

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