Fairview Sauvignon Blanc & Shiraz – a podcast

Fairview Wine Estate, on the slopes of Paarl Mountain

Die Vine Intervention is a series of podcasts which John Fraser, broadcaster, financial journalist, business editor and publisher of ZAConfidential.com, a South African Business website, and I record with a team in Johannesburg.  The podcasts appear both on John’s website and mine.

Fairview Darling Sauvignon Blanc 2016

I introduce the ever-popular Fairview Estate and the 2016 Darling Sauvignon Blanc and the 2014 Shiraz.  John is in charge of the Jo’burg Studio with guests Cape Wine Master Debi van Flymen from Grapeslave, Nicky Geerts from Pretoria’s Alfie’s Pizzeria and Deli, the Voice of Manufacturing, Philippa Rodseth from the Manufacturing Circle and technical whizz Malcolm MacDonald from Clientele, who also kindly hosted the tasting and saw to the technical side of the recordings.

Fairview Shiraz 2014

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