Errieda du Toit, Huiskok, preserver of our food heritage

Errieda du Toit
Huiskok, preserver of nostalgia food

Errieda du Toit, also known as Huiskok, would be overcome with embarrassment if I suggested that she was the brains behind Kokkedoor, the very popular KYKNet television cookery programme which pitted home cook with professional cooks in an extravaganza of heritage, remembrance, nostalgia foods.  She certainly played a major role in getting this series on our home TVs.  Errieda has a lovely blog [click here to read her blog]  on which she writes enchanting stories of ‘onthoukos’ the food of our childhoods, our mothers and our grandmothers, recipes passed down through the generations to grace our tables today.

Errieda’s Malva Pudding

Errieda is regularly heard on Fridays, on RSG, a morning radio show with the very talented Martelize Brink – the daughter of the well known potjiekos king of the 1980s Ds Matie Brink.

Tunisia, Errieda du Toit’s Kitchen Fairy
complete with wings and tutu, and pearls, eating her Malva Pudding

This week she wrote an enchanting piece about Malva Pudding [click here to read] and then made the pudding in her home on Saturday with an enchanting kitchen fairy called Tunisia.

Maggie Pepler on her 87th birthday in May 2013

I like to honour and respect the wonderful Maggie Pepler, who in a way was the godmother of Malva Pudding, who, when working for me at Boschendal in the early 1980s, gave me this recipe and it has appeared on the Boschendal Buffet every day since then.  And spread into our every days in our homes and restaurants under many guises and variations.

The Original Malva Pudding, using Maggie’s recipe
made at Silwood Cookery School for Nikki Werner’s Getaway article

It is so special that people like Errieda and Nikki Werner in the July Edition of Getaway Magazine wrote about Malva Pudding.

We need to keep these memories alive.

Here is Maggie’s Recipe – click here.


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