Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Shiraz 2012 – 29.06.2016

DH Rhinofields - Shiraz 2009 NVDurbanville Hills Rhinofields Shiraz 2012

I must say it is a constant joy to visit the Durbanville Hills Winery.  I was out there last week and had ample chance to talk to the winemakers, to taste some samples of future wines, and to taste the new flagship wine Tangram.

Nine leading vineyard owners and Distell make up this winery and with founder Cellarmaster Martin Moore, Wilhelm Coetzee who makes the reds they have produced a premium Shiraz. The Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Shiraz 2012 is a total joy.

Martin Moore braai at Durbanville Hills (LR)Martin Moore, Cellarmaster, & Wilhelm Coetzee
preparing one of their legendary braais

Drikus Heyns, the Vineyardist for Durbanville Hills, ensure meticulous canopy management allowing just enough sunlight through and controlling the temperatures in and around the vines. The grapes come from two vineyards which are influenced by maritime breezes which allow for a longer hang time to ripen gathering up extra flavours along the way. Once harvested and brought to the cellar the bunches are destalked and the juice fermented on the skins in auto fermenters until dry.  The wine is constantly pumped over the skins for good extraction of colour flavour and soft tannins.  On skin maceration takes place for a week after fermentation to further soften the textures.  Malolactic fermentation took place in the tank after which the wine was taken for 14 months to a combination of new and second fill oak barrels.  The Shiraz was then prepared for bottling under the Durbanville Hills Premium Rhinofields label.

Shiraz grapes on the vineShiraz ripening on the vine

It looks like
Bottled under cork in the elegant Bordeaux shaped bottle with gold foiling and the classical oval Durbanville Hills label.  In the glass an opaque plum ruby at the core, which pales out to the rim to a rich garnet.

It smells like
Generous berry and plum fruits.  Notes of snappy dark Belgian chocolate and fresh brewed coffee.

It tastes like
Perfect harmony from entry to tail.  Great fruit, soft acidity, wood beautifully interwoven as are the tannins. A grind of pepper and sappy fruits follow into the long and spiced aftertaste.

It’s good with
Great as a glass on its own at a time of contemplation after a meal looking into the colas of a dying fire.  It is made for food and does well with traditional heritage foods like Karoo mutton pie, tomato bredie and a nice hard cheese like the Dalewood Fromage Huguenot.

Richard Bosman in his meat safeRichard Bosman, Cape Town Charcutier

It would be happy with a board filled with Richard Bosman’s Charcuterie a variety of cheeses like Camembert, a smooth goat’s cheese, pickles, preserved green figs and chunks of watermelon preserve. Nadia Graves, who lives in the Dordogne in South Western France has a delicious French Chicken Liver Paté which you could add to the board.  Click here for her recipe.

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