Durbanville Hills makes Winter Solstice special with an Exceptional Merlot

Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Merlot NVDurbanville Hills Reserve 2012 Rhinofields Merlot

Spend the official first day of winter on 21 June, with a luxurious red wine to beat the chill and the early setting-sun. Winter solstice, when the sun is at its northernmost position in the sky, is the shortest day of the year and Durbanville Hills Reserve 2012 Rhinofields Merlot is a great way to turn a cold evening into something special.

Merlot from the PomeraolHigh quality Merlot arriving at the Cellar

The wine is made from grapes sourced from vineyards of opposing slopes: one from a sunny, north-facing hill chosen for the prominent varietal aromas delivered by its grapes, the other, south-facing and cooler, selected for the structure it imparts. The wine was fermented on the skins, where it remained for a further week to extract maximum colour, fruit and tannins before maturation for 14 months in small French oak barrels.

Red winemaker Wilhelm Coetzee copyDurbanville Hills red wine maker Wilhelm Coetzee

Medium to full-bodied, it offers ripe cherry and other dark fruit aromas and tastes with hints of aniseed, mint and sweet tobacco. Serve it with ragout of lamb, black olives and fresh thyme; roast chicken stuffed with prunes; seared tuna; cottage pie or roast turkey. On its own it will make the perfect accompaniment to a stormy or wind-chilled night.

The Durbanville Hills Reserve 2012 Rhinofields Merlot retails for R125 from the cellar or can be bought via

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