Drinking from the Dragon’s Well



Click on the cover to buy this book now!

Click on the cover to buy this book now!

I first met Alexandra Smith as a textile merchant in her parents business some 16 years ago.

A special person with some interesting views on life and people. As I learnt when I read her first book Algeria’s Way, which was a story about walking along the pilgrim’s route to Santiago de Compostella in Galicia northern Spain.  In that book, apart from learning so much about the pilgrimage and the countryside, Alex’s insights into her fellow walkers were just so interesting and made for great reading.

Here in Drinking from the Dragon’s Well, which is a part memoir and prt travelogue ,  Alex tells of her year part spent Wuhan on mainland China and then subsequently in Taiwan.

I remember at the time that she was there her father saying to me – “imagine living in a town where all the signs are in Chinese and you are not able to read , let alone speak the language.”  Yet this amazing young woman did it.

And her story is riveting, just riveting.

As a reader you get pulled into the hurly burly and bustle of the food markets and the mayhem and madness of modern Chinese city life.  At best Alex is physically a slip of a young woman, yet she tackled this year with the guts and grit she has inside her.

So well written, such a great read, I was really sorry when it came to an end.

Can’t wait for her to go travelling again.

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