Douglas Green Shiraz 2015 – 28.06.2016

Douglas Green Shiraz copyDouglas Green Shiraz 2015

This is a wine with a history steeped in the oak trees and vines and the Elsenburg College at Stellenbosch University, and a passionate young wine and viticulture graduate who had a vision.

Douglas Green founded his eponymous company in 1942 and the ethos of the company was to produce good wine, reflecting the grape variety from which it is made, the season in which it is grown and which he could sell at even handed prices. No changes, still the same ethos more than 70 years later.  And his son Douglas Green Jnr is part of the company as guardian of his father’s standards.

Shiraz grapes on the vineShiraz Grapes ripening on the vine

The grapes for the Douglas Green Shiraz 2015 were sourced from the Swartland giving the lovely bold fruit and chewy tannins.  And from the Perdeberg – again known for producing generous dark fruit from its bush vines which are dryland farmed. After destalking the juice was fermented to dry wine, then pressed and treated with American oak staves and allowed to go through malolactic fermentation and a further 3 months to allow good oak integration.  The wine is then taken to the Douglas Green Cellars in Wellington for final blending and preparation for bottling.

It looks like
Packed under screwcap in a Bordeaux shaped bottle with an amusing etching on the label of Mr. Green and his old truck.  IN the glass it is dark plum at the core, which pales out to purple crimson at the rim.

It smells like
Generous dark berried fruit, plums and sweet oaky vanilla spices.

It tastes like
Pleasant grippy entry which fills out into roadside brambles and blueberries.  Rich plums meld with the oak and the tannins.   Ending in sappy almost chewable fruit.

Lambs-liver-with-Bacon-and-GravyIna Paarman’s Lambs Liver, Bacon & Gravy

It’s good with
Great as a glass, while waiting around the fir for the embers to die down for a good braai.  Will go well with sosaties, beef or pork kebabs with a fruity basting sauce. Ian Paarman’s delicious midweek supper dish of Lamb’s Liver with Bacon and Gravy hits the spot.  Click here for her recipe.

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