Douglas Green Pinotage 2019, excellent with Jane-Anne Hobbs’s Oven-Baked Vegetables in a Spiced Coconut Gravy…

Douglas Green Pinotage 2019

Is it coincidence that Douglas Green founded his eponymous company in 1942, the year that Charl Theron de Waal, Oenologist made the first barrel of Pinotage at the request of its creator Abraham Perold? Sadly Perold died before ever tasting the wine which has become a national icon in South Africa. The Douglas Green Pinotage 2019, is young feisty, packed with berry and cherry fruit, smooth and sappy. The second Saturday in October is Pinotage Day, so  stock up with a couple of bottles before Saturday.

Pinotage Grapes ripening on the vine

The grapes for the Douglas Green Pinotage 2019 come from the Wellington and Swartland wine appellations. The wines are made in approved cellars in those regions and watched over by Douglas Green Oenologists. Once made, the wines are taken to the Douglas Green Cellar in Wellington where they are blended and prepared for bottling. Once in the cellar, the grapes are destalked and crushed and fermentation takes place on the skins. The malolactic fermentation takes place on oak staves where the wine is allowed to further mature for 3 months.

French oak staves

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle, the Douglas Green Pinotage 2019 is closed with a screw cap. The label is classic Douglas Green, with a cartoon of the man himself with his truck in a vineyard. In the glass, the wine is a deep cherry crimson at the heart which pales out to a youthful purple garnet at the edges. The aromas are all berry and cherry, the oak present in undertow with its spice and vanilla. From entry, the wine is sappy with soft tannins, generous in the mid palate and a long aftertaste with the berries and cherry again! This is a wine for now drinking, or within 3 years of vintage.

Jane-Anne Hobbs’s Oven-Baked Vegetables in a Spiced Coconut Gravy

The Douglas Green Pinotage 2019 is at its best if chilled for about 30 minutes in the fridge or an ice bucket. Delicious as a glass on its own while you are waiting for the braai embers to reach the right temperature. It is an excellent food wine and, as a South African, it is very happy with some spicy boerewors, and because of its smooth tannins will accompany a Karoo Lamb Curry happily. For those who like the occasional vegetarian dish, Jane-Anne Hobbs’s Oven-Baked Vegetables in a Spiced Coconut Gravy is such a lovely dish and is a great partner. Click HERE for her recipe.

Jane-Anne Hobbs, well known food writer, recipe developer and all round lovely lady

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