Douglas Green Pinotage 2017, so good with Anina Meyer’s Paprika Beef, Tomato & Mushroom Stew

Douglas Green Pinotage 2017

In 1942, almost halfway through the 20th Century, a defining time for the wine industry, Douglas Green started his wine company. As a student of viticulture and oenology, he has visited many vineyards and knew where he could find the grapes to make the wines he wanted for his customers. Excellent, quality wines, true to variety and even-handedly priced. Today Douglas Green wines still follow that philosophy with wines made in cellars spread around the winelands, supervised by Douglas Green oenologists and finally bottled in the Douglas Green Cellar in Wellington. Douglas Green Pinotage 2017 is a perfect example of what Mr Green set out to do.

Douglas Green, son of the Founder with his father’s delivery truck

Out of a vintage which many regard as one of the vintages of this century a dry yet cooler vintage than in the preceding years. The grapes for the Douglas Green Pinotage 2017 were hand harvested from bush vine vineyards from the Wellington and Swartland appellations, both at approximately the same sugar levels.  Once destemmed, the juice was fermented on the skins, pressed and oak matured for three months on oak staves.  Blending and preparation for bottling took place at the Douglas Green Cellars in Wellington.

A fine bunch of Pinotage in the harvester’s hand

It looks like
Bottled under screw cap in a Bordeaux shaped bottle with the delightful cartoon of Douglas Green in his old truck in a vineyard.  In the glass, crimson at the core which pales out to a purple garnet at the edges.

It smells like
The raspberries of the Pinot Noir parent are evident as are wild strawberries. Dark Chocolate and barley sugar in undertow.

It tastes like
Really excellent red and black berry fruits entry, satisfying mid palate and a long ending with cashmere clad tannins and oak and its concomitant spice well interwoven.

Anina Meyer’s Paprika Beef, Tomato & Mushroom Stew

It’s good with
This is a great glass on its own. Chill it for about 30 minutes before drinking. A native South Africa, it is well suited to tradition heritage foods like tomato Bredie, bobotie and boerewors. Also good with a piece of fine biltong and a sharp knife for whittling during a televised rugby match.  Good mid-week supper wine, which will happily accompany your traditional Sunday Roast Lunch. Anina Meyer’s Paprika Beef, Tomato and Mushroom Stew is a welcome pairing with the Douglas Green Pinotage 2017. Click here for her recipe.

Anina Mayer, Johannesburg based cook, photographer & recipe developer

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