Douglas Green Cream Sherry No 3 & my Kitchen Cake – 26.09.2016

douglas-green-sherry-rangeThe Douglas Green Spanish Sherries

Just this past week Douglas Green, the nationally known Wine Company released it range of Spanish Sherries, especially made for the company in the classical sherry triangle in southern Spain.  The House of Lustau is renowned for producing great sherries and without fail, the local wine writers have been very positive about this new range.

douglas-green-sherry-cookbook_10Douglas Green Cream Sherry No 3

And I am too.  I have been Sherry berserk since I visited Jerez in the late 1960s.  The whole process is so magical and mystical.  You need great grapes to start with and for the Douglas Green Cream Sherry No 3 they use a blend of Palomino and Pedro Ximénes grapes.

imagesSherry maturing under flor in the Criadera

Once the base wine is made the wine goes for three years into what is known as the Criadera, during which time it rests in French oak barrels which are two thirds filled and have a thick fluffy white cloud of flor yeast on top.  This flor contributes so much to the flavour of the wine.  Three years in a solera then follows where the wines are stacked up to 5 barrels high.  After the second maturation, wine is drawn off each year from the bottom layer for bottling and the barres are filled again from the row above with new wine going into the top layer.

Manuel Lozano Oenologist at LustauManuel Lozano Oenologist at Lustau

There is a huge amount of tradition in sherry making and we are so lucky to now have easy access to this wine from Douglas Green at their usual even handed prices.

PalominoPalamino Vine

It looks like
Bottled under screw cap in a traditional Sherry bottle.  In the glass it is a golden amber mahogany – and do use a wine glass instead of one of those mingy little tot shots. And do keep it chilled in your fridge.

It smells like
Rich with nuts and spices and the heady aromas of fynbos honey.

It tastes like
Rich and dark, nuts and spice from the nose.  Unctuous and mouthfilling. Layers revealing themselves as you proceed down the glass. Flavours lasting in the long aftertaste.

kitchen-cake-1My Kitchen Cake

It’s good with
This is the sort of sherry which will perfectly match a thick creamy soup, or a smooth creamy paté.  Or a slice of cake with afternoon tea. As children we were always able to find a slice if what we called Kitchen Cake.  Not a rich dark brown densely fruited cake, but a more delicately fruited firm white cake. And so good with a glass of richly flavoured Sherry. Click here for my recipe.

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