Delaire Graff’s Indochine Chef Virgil Kahn offers one of his popular dishes, Asparagus & Broccoli….

Virgil Kahn’s Asparagus & Broccoli

Virgil Kahn is Chef in charge of the Indochine Restaurant. He has developed an interesting and eclectic Asian style menu. Recognised by Eat Out Magazine as one of the top 20 chefs in the country, Indochine is well worth a visit for an excellent meal and the sublime Delaire Graff Wines, in this case the Delaire Graff Coastal Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc 2017.

Tenderstem Broccoli
Asparagus Espuma
Yuzu Curd
Miso Caramel
Dehydrated Miso
Miso Crumble
Yuzu Dressing
Poached Egg
Black Truffle

Asparagus & Broccoli
4 Asparagus spears
6 Tenderstem Broccoli stalks

Pick the tops off of the broccoli and reserve.
Remove the hard bottom of the asparagus.
Blanch the asparagus in boiling water and refresh in ice water.

Asparagus Espuma
100g Asparagus off cuts
100g Spinach leaves
500ml Almond milk
Salt to taste

Blanch the spinach and refresh in ice water.
Squeeze out the water and chop roughly.
Chop up the asparagus off cuts and blanch in boiling almond milk.
Put the asparagus, spinach and a little of the milk in the blender and blitz until a fine green puree
Strain through a fine strainer into a bowl that is set over another bowl of ice to make the puree cool quickly.
Check seasoning
Put the puree in an espuma gun and charge.

Virgil Kahn, Chef of indochine on the Delaire Graff Estate

Yuzu Curd
250g Sugar
60ml Yuzu juice
125ml Lemon juice
3 Eggs
3 Eggs yolks
125ml Butter

Cut the butter into cubes and set aside.

Combine the rest of the ingredients and whisk over a double boiler until the eggs have cooked and it is thick and glossy.

Add the butter one block at a time while whisking.

Miso Caramel
300ml Cream
25g Butter
4tbl Miso paste
50g Castor sugar

Cook the sugar with 30ml of water until you have a dark golden caramel.
Whisk in the butter and miso.
Add the cream.
Simmer until slightly reduced and thickened.
Put in a squeeze bottle once cool.

Miso Crumble
100g Flour
100g Butter
100g Miso paste
100g Flaked almonds

Toast the almonds in the oven until lightly brown, then roughly chop.
Mix the flour, butter and miso until you have a dough.
Break it up on to a greased oven tray and bake in the oven at 160.
Keep removing the tray from the oven to stir and break up the mixture while it is cooking.
Once dark and crumbly removed from the oven and toss with the almonds.

Yuzu Dressing
125ml Lemon juice
50ml Yuzu juice
1 block of palm sugar

Blend everything together.

Dehydrated Miso

Spread some miso paste on to grease proof paper and dehydrate in either a food dehydrator or a very low oven, then grind to a powder.

Poached Egg
1 Egg

Put the water and a small bit of vinegar in a deep pot and bring to a simmer.
Drop the egg into the water and cook until still soft.

Black truffle
Finely chop some black truffle and keep in a little oil.

To Assemble
Put the broccoli stalks tossed in a little oil, salt and pepper in the oven at 220 degrees and cook until lightly charred.
Take the broccoli tops and dress in the yuzu dressing.
Warm the asparagus in the oven.
Place the poached egg on the plate and spray the espuma over the egg, then proceed to add the asparagus, broccoli on top of the egg.
Dot the miso caramel and yuzu curd around the plate as desired.
Drizzle some of the truffle over the top.
Finish with the miso crumble and dehydrated miso.

Delaire Graff Coastal Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc 2017

A wonderful dish with all the components required to build them up to a complete whole.

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