Delaire Graff Restaurant Kiwi & Lime Pre-Dessert….

Delaire Graff Kiwi & Lime Pre-Dessert

Mareli Erasmus is the Head Pastry Chef at the renowned Delaire Graff Restaurant. This Kiwi & Lime Pre-Dessert is the dessert before the dessert.  When I ask chefs for their recipes, they usually can only be prepared in a restaurant kitchen. It does show the wondrous ways a chef will work to create the many parts of a dish.

Kiwi & Lime Pre-Dessert

Kiwi Jelly
500g kiwis, peeled and blitzed
7 limes, juiced
600g water
150g sugar
24 gelatine leaves
Heat kiwi juice, lime juice and water and sugar in a pot and then add gelatine leaves.
Pour into trays to set it in and when set, cut out in rounds with cutter.

Delaire Graff Restaurant Patio

Charcoal Cremeux
480g cream
480g milk
50g activated charcoal
20 egg yolks
12 gelatine leaves
480g white chocolate, chopped
Scald cream and milk
Liaise with egg yolks
Place back on heat and bring to 81⁰C
Remove from heat and whisk in charcoal, gelatine leaves and chocolate
Place in the fridge for at least 4 hours

Kiwi Salsa
4 Kiwi’s, cut into small blocks
1 lemon, juiced and zested
25g mint leaves

Mix everything together

Mareli Erasmus garnishing a dessert

Charcoal Meringues
100g egg whites
180g castor sugar
Charcoal for dusting

Whip egg whites till soft peak
Add sugar slowly until incorporated
Place in piping bag with round nozzle and pipe
Dust with charcoal
Bake on 85⁰C for about an hour

Yogurt Gelato
20 egg yolks
200 g sugar
200g glucose
1litre milk
1 litre cream
200g dextrose
500g yogurt
2 lemons, zested

Scald milk and cream
Whisk sugar, glucose and egg yolks
Cook till mixture coats the back of a spoon
Add dextrose, zest and yogurt
Refrigerate and churn when completely cool

I’ve used some pomegranate seeds to add some flavour and texture as well.

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