De Krans Premium Moscato Wines – a refreshing alternative to bubbly…

De Krans Premium Moscato White – a refreshing alternative to bubbly

Moscato, as it is now known, has its roots in Moscato d’Asti  in Northwest Italy, where it was already cultivated and made since the 1870s. Made in the frizzante style, Moscato d’Asti was the wine that winemakers made for themselves. This low-alcohol wine could be enjoyed at midday meals and would not slow down the winemaker or his workers. After the work day was done, the Piedmontese tradition of long, multicourse evening meals gave Moscato d’Asti the purpose of a digestif, that cleansed and stimulated the palate for dessert.

De Krans Premium Perlé Red

While Moscato has only recently become a trendy wine style in South Africa, this fruity, sparkly delight has really made a name for itself overseas, especially in the USA and Canada, for more than a decade. Hip Hop and rap artists have written about Moscato since the mid 2000’s, with the category becoming associated with a fun and cool lifestyle. Even rapper Nicki Minaj is co-owner of the Coconut Moscato brand, MYX.

With the popularity finally spilling over to our shores, De Krans Wines in Calitzdorp made the first Moscato Perlé wine in South Africa in 2012 – the De Krans Premium Moscato Perlé. Regarded as one of South Africa’s leading port-style and sweet Muscadel producers, De Krans began producing a sophisticated Moscato. The wine puts a twist to traditional Muscadel, while showcasing the complex spicy and fruit flavours, finishing off with a fizz – completely transforming the idea of sweet into a refreshing, sparkly white wine with a hint of sugar.

Boets Nel, Owner of De Krans

In addition, the wine is extremely appealing due to its generally low alcohol levels. The De Krans Premium White Moscato Perlé has an alcohol of 8.5%, making it an attractive choice, especially when it comes to health concerns and driving responsibilities. The lower alcohol, combined with the freshness and zest, gives it an overall feeling of drinking a “lighter” wine.

The Premium White Moscato Perlé displays fresh tropical fruit flavours of litchi and apricot enhanced by nuances of muscat on the nose, which carry through beautifully onto the palate. These flavours are further amplified with a fizzy taste and exotic spice.

With the De Krans Premium White Moscato Perlé being such a hit, and with the De Krans team priding themselves on their passion for consistent change and innovation, it seemed only natural to develop something similar in style for the red wine drinkers out there. The newly released 2017 Premium Red Moscato Perlé is a natural sweet red perlé wine, made from predominantly Muscat de Frontignan grapes, blended with a small percentage of our own South African Pinotage grapes, to create the perfect balance in colour, flavour and taste. The result is a beautiful light ruby red colour, with fine bubbles and fresh fruit flavours of strawberries, blackcurrants and exotic spice.

De Krans Winemaker Louis van der Riet

Both wines are great on their own or served with fresh Summer salads, charcuterie, light meals and even mild curries. Available from most outlets nationwide these wines retail for approximately R59 per bottle, respectively.

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