Cafe food at home

With the proliferation of the café and the Bistro over the last 10 years or so, food has become a lot more relaxed. Gael Oberholzer’s Cafe Food at Home is such a practical book and it has over 80 innovative and delicious bistro-style meals for you to prepare.

Cafe food at home

One wants food that can be prepared quickly – we are spending less and less time in the kitchen these days and we are demanding more in our flavours as we get used to the heat and spice of the Orient finding their way in our day to day dishes.

While salads, soups and the ubiquitous wrap feature strongly, simple sauces and basic recipes feature quite strongly. My one criticism of this book is that is uses a spoon of or a small helping of one of the basic recipes which like Fiery Moroccan Paste will give you a litre of the stuff. If you’re running a café that’s fine, but you don’t want litre jars of sauces lurking in the back of your fridge in the off chance that you might use them before they grow little grey Granny Giles wigs on them.

That said, it is a handy little book. The photography is of the yummy comfort gimme some more rustic food school, you almost fall into the bowls of soup. The recipes are well written and easy to follow.

It’s the kind of book my daughter needs when she comes home from a long day at the office and wants to rustle up something sustaining and comforting.

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