Brandy Snaps – Daphne Enslin

Brandy SnapsDaphne Enslin’s Brandy Snaps

Daphne Enslin, who trained in Scotland, introduced these to the dessert buffet at Boschendal in the late 1970s when we worked there in the late 1970’s.

They were loved by Henry Kissinger who said to me, ‘you keep Nancy busy while I get another brandy snap!’ Also enjoyed by various other guests to the fabulous Boschendal Buffet Lunch in the last century.

Brandy Snaps

For 32 Brandy snaps you’ll need
150g golden syrup
150g butter
125g yellow sugar
3 Tbs brandy
12og flour sifted with 1tsp ground ginger

Preset the oven at 200C and lightly butter a baking sheet. Melt the syrup, butter and sugar over low heat. Add the brandy and the flour mixture. Stir well. Place in teaspoon sizes onto the baking sheet. Bake for to 6 minutes until golden brown. Cool for a minute to allow them to firm up slightly. Roll round the handle of a wooden spoon or shape over dariole moulds.

Use as desired. If you roll them, pipe whipped cream into each end shortly before serving. If you shape them into cups, fill with fruit and custard.

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