Braai’ed Rump Steak with Garlic Butter – Jan Braai

Jan Braai's Beef Rump off the Braai served with Garlic Butter

Jan Braai’s Beef Rump off the Braai
served with Garlic Butter

Steak is a unique animal that needs to be braaied on extremely hot coals to sear the outside while keeping the inside medium rare and juicy. This poses a problem when you’re braaing a variety of meat, as the steak needs to go on first when the coals are still in a furious state of heat. By the time everything else is braaied the steak will be completely cold, or worse, someone might have put it in a covered bowl and steamed it on low heat until it became a grey and soggy piece of rubber.

At big braais I sometimes solve this problem by braaing the steaks at the perfect time, just after the fire has burned out and the coals are at their hottest, and then serving them as a starter.

What you need (per person)
50–100 g steak (this is a snack)
salt and pepper
1 roll or tube of garlic butter (yes, you’re allowed to buy those ready-made rolls at the shop)

What to do
Make a very hot fire.
Take the steak out the fridge and bring it to room temperature 20 minutes before the braai. If there’s a lot of blood or juice in the packaging when you remove the steak, wash the meat under cold water and pat it dry with a paper towel.
There is no need for any spice or marinade before you put the meat onto the fire.
Braai the steaks on very hot coals for 6–8 minutes in total. Turn the meat between one and three times in total, and make sure both sides have faced downwards roughly the same length of time. Use a watch to time this.
Remove the steaks from the grid and place them on the cutting board.
Let them rest for a few minutes and then slice into strips. Try to slice at a 45-degree angle as this allows you to cut across the grain of the meat an additional time.
Pile the strips on a serving platter or in a mixing bowl and grind salt and pepper over the meat to taste.
Drop teaspoon-sized pieces of butter all over the meat. The butter will melt into the meat and add to the taste.

Serve immediately to everyone standing around the fire.

And . . .
If you are the fancy type that doesn’t buy commercial garlic butter then prepare your own by mixing soft butter, crushed garlic, your favourite herbs, salt and pepper.
This recipe works equally well with fillet, sirloin and rib-eye steak. If you’re not making starters but a main meal then allow 250 g of meat per person

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Oldenburg Vineyards  Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Oldenburg Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Jan Braai

Jan Braai

Jan Braai is a national treasure. Jan has braaied with thousands of South Africans, almost every day since the launch of his National Braai Day initiative in 2005. And he knows what people want to know about braaing. Fireworks, a reprint of Jan’s first book which sold over 50,000 copies, is now available in soft cover. More than a recipe book – it is an instruction manual for braaing – from steak, to the perfect braaied chicken and lamb chops. For the adventurous you could try Jan’s rack of lamb or lamb on a spit! His Jan Braai vir Erfenis is a Kynet series which has run each year since 2011, is currently running for at least the next three months. Fireworks is one of the top 3 Braai Books in the world, so says Gourmand Awards 2014.

The new edition soft cover Fireworks by Jan Braai

The new edition soft cover
Fireworks by Jan Braai




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