Boschendal The Werf Restaurant – country fine dining

Boschendal The Werf Restaurant

Boschendal Restaurant was opened for the first time in 1977 and from the get go was a popular venue and really one of the very first restaurants on a wine estate. Known for its food, the fabulous buffet lunch and visited by many international figures from Henry Kissinger to film stars, singers and great musical artists.

The Werf Restaurant at Boschendal

Today, The Werf Restaurant has had a complete makeover and lifted it into a whole new era of the finest food which is served with the international award winning Boschendal Wines.

Christiaan Campbell dressing a fillet of fish

Executive Chef Christiaan Campbell and his team are offering a variety of eating places, each with its own style of food.  The estate offers two picnic venues, one under the pines at the Boschendal and a more formal one at the Rhone Manor House, a short distance away.  Rhone is also the venue which serves a Buffet Lunch which is reminiscent of the earlier Boschendal menus.

The Boschendal Farm Shop & Deli

The Farm Shop and Deli offers breakfasts, lunches and a lovely offering of bakes made in the Boschendal Bakery.  Former Boschendal Chef Rainer Raschbiechler, a third-generation butcher, now operates the Butchery at Boschendal where cuts of the estate’s pasture fed Aberdeen Angus are offered.

Farmer Rico offers Chickens & Eggs, no matter which came first

Farmer Rico grows the chickens and provides the eggs from just up the road.

Christiaan’s approach is one of ‘country fine dining’.  All the produce used at all the food outlets come from the same source – quality across the food.

Megan McCarthy with a container of her produce

Vegetables, saladings, herbs and fruits are grown in the Werf Garden by the Curator Megan McCarthy – for her gardening is all about organics, sustainability and eco consciousness.

The drive is to the top end and innovative foods, in a way that while focus on presentation is important, equally important is to showcase the wonderful farm to fork produce.

The gentle Aberdeen Angus herd

The menu varies, depending on product availability.  There is a small range of starters, salads, a selection of main courses, then a selection of Grass Fed Angus Main Courses and a couple of dishes for the table to share.  There is an excellent choice of ‘for the table’ dishes with yummy plates of potato crispies fried in Angus Beef tallow, charcoal roasted beetroot, toasted bine arrow and roasted aubergine hearts.

Roasted white chocolate ice cream sandwich

The desserts are sublime, with my best choice being a roasted white chocolate ice cream sandwich. Amusingly packed in a paper square, it was a ‘return to childhood’ piece of nostalgia food.

One thing you need to be sure of when you visit Boschendal is to take a large basket with you to lug home a selection of the Werf Garden vegetables and some of the delicious breads and bakes on offer in the Farm Shop. And of course a couple of bottles of Boschendal Wine.

Boschendal 1685 Chardonnay – delicious wine with our meal

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