Boschendal Reserve Collection Vin d’Or 2015 – 14.07.2016

Boschendal Vin dOr ReserveBoschendal Reserve Collection Vin d’Or 2015

More than 30 years ago, Boschendal produced its first Vin d’Or.  Working there at the time, I remember Mynhardt Theron who was then resident wine, fruit and food technologist for what was Rhodes Fruit Farms, coming up with the name and saying ‘we should call it Vin d’Or, that means wine of gold…and look at the colour!’

The grapes used for the Boschendal Reserve Collection Vin d’Or 2015 are Riesling, the grape of German origin used for making the fabulous sweet trockenbeerenausleses for which that country is so well known.  The grapes come from Durbanville and the wine has a splash of Viognier from the Elgin Wine Appellation.

Boschendal Winemakers Lizelle Gerber & Richard DuckittBoschendal Wine Makers Lizelle Gerber

[whites] & Richard Duckitt [reds]

In the summer of 2015, the weather allowed for the formation of Botrytis Cinerea, the so called Noble Rot. It forms a grey cushion over the grapes making small holes in the skin though which the juice evaporates reducing them to raisins.  The Botrytis adds its own wonderful flavours.  When the grapes are ready for harvesting, they are not able to be crushed as there is virtually no juice in them.  They go as whole bunches into the presses, all of the draining channels of which are tightly closed to prevent any loss of this valuable juice. The little bit of juice helps with the soaking of the berries for 2 days.  The presses rotate three times a day to extract maximum juice.  Once pressed the juice cold settles overnight and then is fermented in stainless steel tanks.  The fermentation process then stops naturally at just the right time.

It looks like
Packed in a half Bordeaux bottles with a simple elegant label and a gold foil around the top.  In the glass it is yellow gold.

It smells like
Rich concentrated naartjie, apricot and fynbos honey.

It tastes like
A generosity of citrus fruits, kumquat preserve, and flavourful tropical fruits. Soft dried apricots. Honey. Full mouthfeel with a lime squirt citrus ending in perfect counterpoint to the sweetness of the wine.  Long slowly waning aftertaste.

Kitchen-CakeMy Kitchen Cake
photograph by Carey Boucher Erasmus

It’s good with
A wine like this is excellent with foie gras, a good creamy chicken or duck live paté at the start of a meal.  Excellent with the right dessert. And good with a slice of fruit cake.  We always had one in a tin on the farm when we were children and often my parents would eat a slice of it with sweet wine late in the afternoon.  Click here for my recipe.

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