Boschendal Potstill Brandy – exquisite, ambrosial, smooth, round

Boschendal Potstill Brandy

Good things in life are worth the wait – and Boschendal’s exquisite ambrosial elixir is the embodiment of this adage. A customary drink to complement celebratory or social occasions, Boschendal’s Potstill Brandy is the super-smooth liquor to savour at your next milestone moment.

Chenin Blanc Grapes ripening on the vine

Audaciously elegant, Boschendal Potstill Brandy is carefully crafted by a skilled Master Distiller, who selects and refines the flavours through double distillation. What sets the Boschendal Potstill Brandy apart is the broader selection of blending components. The base product is a special wine comprising top quality Colombard and Chenin grapes. This wine is twice distilled in copper pot stills to concentrate flavour and alcohol. It’s then meticulously matured in small oak barrels for a minimum of 10 years.

Colombar in the hand of the Vineyardist

A natural evolution takes place over the decade-long maturation, with the Master Distiller unveiling and tasting all barrels every year, after an initial three-year period has elapsed. Only approved barrels are kept, with expensive losses worth the top-quality result.

The Distiller carefully checking his barrels

The Boschendal Potstill Brandy’s lack of strong acidity lets the smooth flavours of apricot and dried fruit shine, with a silky, intense mouth-feel. This makes the decadent brandy the ideal accompaniment to strong cheeses, rich food, chocolate mousse and nutty notes. Its perfect served neat or with a block of ice to elevate the flavours.

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