Books for summer – How to be Gluten Free and keep your friends…

How to be Gluten Free and keep your friends

Having to be Gluten Free is not a choice, being vegetarian or vegan, Keto, Paleo or Banting is. Being close to someone who has been told to not touch Gluten, and for that matter Soy as it sends the same messages to the body. What interests me is how Gluten Allergies are relatively new, has it to do with modernizing of wheat? Modern agricultural methods?

It is a factor in the lives of many. I really like this little book by Quadrille, which is an imprint of Hardie Grant, the well-known British publishers. Recipes by Anna Barnett, photography by Kim Lightbody and the text by Quadrille themselves.

No introduction, the book gets straight into the stuff with recipes. There is a section on Brunch reminding you that Toast is not everything. Some recipes there, that I would just love to eat, love a good Kedgeree. There are dishes using ingredients from your local Asian Supermarket, most city dwellers in South Africa have one now. Gluten free pasta. A fabulous Walnut & Raisin loaf  made with ground almonds.

The recipes are varied and exciting and the photography by Kim Lightbody makes you want to reach into the page and help yourself.

This is a keeper, especially if you have a Gluten Allergic member of your household.

Published by Quadrille, an imprint of Hardie Grant.

ISBN 978-1-78713-291-7

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