Books for Cooks for Christmas – Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook

jamie-olivers-christmas-cookbookJamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook

I remember being enchanted by Jamie Olivier in the late 1990s when this young Essex boy with a lovely lisp filled our screens with his fabulous food ideas.  Many of my friends who had grown up in households where cooks were employed, their mother’s didn’t cook, suddenly realised what fun cooking was and thinking ahead to their impending retirement sarted buying Jamie Oliver/s books and teaching themselves to cook.

Jamie Oliver has grown in stature over the last 20 years.

samrobinson_0514_fiddes_payne_quinoa_sundried_toms_olives_0043_f1Jamie Oliver

He has set up a series of restaurants called Fifteen in which he trains young people to become chefs. Changed the philosophy and content of school dinners, set up his charity The Jamie Oliver Foundation which seeks to change the lives of young people through food.

It has been exciting to watch on the internet, in the bookstores, Facebook, Twitter and his weekly email newsletters.

For me he is all goodness, wholesomeness, the ideal son, husband, father.

I was so happy to get from his local distributors a copy of Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook.  Filled with the traditional Christmas Classics, recipes for edible gifts, party food and new ways to enliven your leftovers. There is an exciting series of chapters covering every aspect for the perfect Christmas lunch – my personal favourite being ‘The Wonderful World of Potatoes’!

This is a book which will transform our Christmas this year, though I have a sneaking feeling it will be a book for our kitchen shelf to pull out on many occasions during the year.

My joy of my admiration for Jamie Oliver is unconfined.

I hope he is around for many years to delight us with his wonderful food ideas.

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