Boland Cellar Five Climates Sauvignon Blanc 2016 – 02.06.2016

Boland Cellar 5 Climates Sauvignon Blanc 2014Boland Cellar Five Climates Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Boland Cellars talk of themselves as one region, five climates. The produce a range of single variety wines called Five Climates, wines that are made to please the modern consumer with juiciness, soft tannins and upfront aromas.

Johan JoubertJohan Joubert, Cellarmaster

The Five Climates Wines, even though of single variety, still require the skill of blending for which Johan Joubert, Cellarmaster and his Boland Cellar team have become so well known. The wines are distinctly regional, blended from wines from all 5 different climatic areas in the Paarl Wine Appellation where wine grapes have been grown & wine made for more than 350 years.

The style is marked by the sunshine & mild but wet winters, the maritime influence of a nearby ocean, the protected river valleys, the exposed mountain slopes and the effect of violent windstorms.

The grapes for the Boland Cellar Five Climates Sauvignon Blanc 2016 come from Boland’s Growers in the cooler Klipheuvel and Durbanville areas and the cooler southern slopes of the Paardeberg. The vines are trellised and geared for supplementary irrigation only.

Harvested in the early hours of the day when it is cooler in order to protect the integrity of the grapes and retain as much of the aromatics as possible and to prevent oxidation. Once in the cellar, the grapes are gently pressed and only the free run juice is used in the cool fermentation process. Skin contact of 12 hours is allowed. The wine is left on the lees until it is prepared for bottling.

Sauvignon Blanc TariroSauvignon Blanc ripening on the vine

It looks like
Elegant livery, packed in a Burgundy shaped bottle. In the glass it is a pale golden straw with emerald flashes.

It smells like
Grapefruit skin oil, tropical fruit mélange, fynbos grassiness.

It tastes like
Crisp fresh sliced fruit and a good ‘melon’ flavour. From entry a racy refreshing acidity, and a generosity of fruit right through to the long ending.

Jane-Anne Hobbss Prawns & Asparagus Salad with Verjuice Dressing & MayoJane-Anne Hobbs’s Prawns & Asparagus Salad
Verjuice Dressing & Mayo

It’s good with
Great as a glass on its own and perfect as an aperitif. Summer can be brought into winter with a wine like this, no need to stop drinking white wine in Summer! Bring Summer into Winter with Jane-Anne Hobbs’s Prawn and Asparagus Salad with Verjuice Dressing & Mayo. Lovely first course for a weekend meal. Click here for her recipe.

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